People in Singapore love food. They are not picky, nor are they a forgiving bunch when it comes to the unofficial national pastime in Singapore – eating.

As a nation of self-proclaimed foodies, it’s no surprise that you can now use technology to make your food experiences even better.

Here are some of the apps I use, after I had them curated by people who know and care about food way more than I ever could. Here’s your list of mobile apps for food in Singapore.



Food delivery is crazy competitive at the moment with Uber Eats and Food Panda vying for local domination. Not to mention WhyQ bringing hawker food to those too lazy far away or busy to get it themselves.

Deliveroo so far has the best service and hasn’t let me down yet.

Dine Inn


Do you like home-cooked food, but can’t cook or you just refuse to even try? Dine Inn might be perfect for you. Choose from home-cooked food across Singapore, prepared by real home chefs and available for delivery and pickup.

Even if you don’t, I do. This service is perfect for me, because I fall into the earlier category of not even trying to make something at home.



Positioned as an exploration and discovery service, the Entertainer offers an unmatched list of new restaurants, bars and activities to partake in… Who am I kidding? Are you cheap? Do you like to save money and eat great food? Get the Entertainer app – it has awesome 1-for-1 deals across hundreds of different locations in Singapore.

The stickler is that it does cost money to purchase it, but allows you to share this amongst a couple of your friends.



Have you ever walked into a restaurant without first checking 100 reviews about the place? I have and it sucks. Burpple let’s you avoid this by collating and creating reviews/content about restaurants across Singapore. If there’s one thing that Singaporeans love more than eating, it’s telling other people about all the eating they do, so Burpple is the place for you.

I am admittedly a silent viewer of Burpple, but it has helped me avoid many a disappointing meal.



Chope helps you find that seat at a restaurant. I find it perfect when I want to grab Thai food, but don’t know where to go. Just head to Chope and search.

While it does overlap with Burpple slightly, I use them separately and regularly.

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Last updated 29 September 2020