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The original post has been broken into two parts to make it more digestible for readers, this is the second part of the post. This article highlights successful Facebook ads and the lessons we can learn.

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Case Study 5

Facebook ads by Holmes Murphy & Associates

Lesson 10 – Mention/show an influencer

You’re scrolling through Facebook and see “Is single-payer good for business?” VS you see an image of Warren Buffet. Which of these would make you stop scrolling? Right.

Case Study 6

Facebook ads by Zendesk

Lesson 11 – Use Whitespace

As Zen as Zendesk is, they know how to use whitespace to catch your eye.

Case Study 7

Facebook ads by The Fashion Anchor

Lesson 12 – Share interesting content

Instead of selling directly to cold leads, let them engage them. Increase the engagement. Then use re-targeting ads to sell. Also, isn’t it a brilliant idea to show the product as a life hack!

See the 15 shares? Would you share if the content was more ‘salesy’?

Lesson 13 – Leverage carousel ads

Carousel ads let you add up to 10 images in a single ad. You can leverage this by showing different products, or the same products from different angles, or testimonials, show screenshots of how your product works, or you can even tell a story.

Case Study 8

Facebook ads by SumoMe

Lesson 14 – Use numbers, special characters, facts, lists, charts.

Use them to show social proof, such as the number of users you already have, the lives you have affected, and so on.

Case Study 9

Facebook ads by Sentient Technologies

Lesson 15 – Write only the key message or the value proposition on the image

Facebook has the 20% text-overlay rules, so it doesn’t make sense to put much on the images. But, if you’re wondering what to write on the image – It must be the value proposition. In some cases, it makes sense to put discounts or coupons, but most of the time, it’s the value prop – in a few words. A small logo helps with brand recognition.

Yes, I know I said only 9 case studies and this is not a Facebook ad but is this powerful!

Power tip (16) – Use an unusual image

True story – I almost scrolled through this image. But, subconsciously it made my mind thinking that there was something unusual about it. Just before I properly see the next image – I felt this urge to solve the confusion. I scrolled up to see that it was a watermelon flying with balloons. I felt this need to read what the image is about.

And, BAM! There the marketing team behind the ad smirked!

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