‘Female Tech Leaders’ is the newest section on Tech Collective that celebrates the changing face of the startup and technology industry in Southeast Asia. This is 2018 and in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need this section, as Tech Leaders would have a more balanced representation of female and male leaders in the industry. However, this isn’t a perfect world, so we’re doing what we can to celebrate the positive change that’s sweeping the world.

What you can expect from ‘Female Tech Leaders’

We will focus on female CEOs, founders, programmers, product specialists, and innovators, who are changing stereotypes and being the face of change in the industry.

We are also partnering with Doyenne SG, to syndicate their great content and share interviews they’ve done with top female entrepreneurs. Doyenne SG focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship, travel, and wellness with a twist.

Why this is important

During our short run, we’ve noticed something very interesting. Our interviews with great female entrepreneurs like Kaikai Yang from Energo Labs or Evangeline Leong from Kobe Global Technologies brought in more readers than most of our other articles. This shows that there is great interest from our readers, but also this is something we should focus on more.

We’ll continue to interview great founders regardless of gender, but we’re opening up our focus to promote strong female leaders and identify future CEOs and people who are changing the notion of a glass ceiling.

We look forward to having you join us on this journey, as we explore the region’s startup and technology industry. As always, we value your feedback and if you’ve got a recommendation for a great startup or innovator, making waves in the region, drop us a message here.