Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You need to that spark or energy that makes it possible for you to pursue your own business ventures and achieve success. We’ve asked our entrepreneurs, friends and business partners what they think make a successful entrepreneur. Here are the top 10 things they shared.

10) Knowing how to manage resources

If you know how to distribute your money, team, and technology well. Then you can invest it wisely in ways that will help your business grow fast.

9) The power to focus

It might seem easy to do this but it’s not so simple. Distractions can derail any business, so knowing how and when to focus on something is crucial. We’re going to use a word, we personally hate – ‘hyper-focus’. What we mean by this, is being able to keep your focus solely on the main goal and never divert your path.

8) Planning

Being spontaneous is great for dates and hobbies, not so much when you run a business. Planning and having contingencies in place is crucial for any business.

7) Being tech-savvy

We don’t mean coding, but if you do, that’s awesome. We do mean being aware of the latest trends and tools so that you can always be one step ahead of your competitor.

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6) Being a go-getter

Procrastination ranks right up there with the worst trait for entrepreneurs, so never putting off your work is a great way stay ahead of the game.

5) Having a good reputation

Building a solid reputation as a trustworthy business leader is crucial to bringing in investors, employees, customers, partners, and anyone else who matters. They need to trust you to work with you.

4) Never stop learning

If you want to be successful you need to constantly learn in order to stay competitive and be able to make changes when it’s required.

3) Not be risk-averse without being foolhardy

If you don’t make risky moves in your business you may never succeed. Those that always play it safe often end up losing out to a riskier player. However, it is smart to consider your options first, so don’t rush in without proper thought.

2) Be an expert at something

Every startup founder needs to be an expert at something, otherwise, you’re a liability. Bring your expertise to the company, help it grow, and then hire as you expand.

1) At least like what you do

This is the number one reason because it really is the most important. You don’t have to love what you do, but it sure helps. At the very least, you should like your job and it should satisfy you. If it doesn’t, then it is unlikely you’ll be able to succeed.


There you have it, the 10 things we believe every successful entrepreneur has. If you’ve got any you’d like to share with us, drop us a note and let us know.

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