We waste so much time, and usually, that’s OK. However, when you’re running a high-performance startup in a crowded industry, wasting time can be dangerous. Here’s a list of productivity killers that we’ve put together.

The list has been broken into two, with part one here. Here’s part two of our productivity killers list for startups.

Doing too many things

You may believe that by doing everything by yourself, you will be in a position to please everyone and do everything right. This isn’t the case usually, and doing everything at go or doing half of this and half of that only leaves you less productive. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson.

Learn to delegate and you can free your space to work on things you’re best at.

Being too controlling

Controlling others and micro-managing them is not a productive move. Too much control leaves you less productive and your team less productive as well. Give them time to do the task at hand and only supervise at intervals.

Being disorganized

Being disorganized leaves makes you a less productive person. You spend more time looking for things than working. By maintaining a simple organized system, you can work faster and smarter.

Being a perfectionist

No one is perfect, so trying to be too perfect can result in slow work and bottlenecks. Have standards, but don’t let them keep you from succeeding.

Gossip can ruin any office

Having an open and honest culture can help remove the toxicity that is gossip. This is the number one productivity killer. The more you spend time gossiping your workmates or your boss, the less productive you are.


There you have part one of a two-part series. We’ll be publishing the next post in a week’s time.

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