Hiring can be tough and especially in crowded markets and inflated salaries, small startups are often left without much choice. Therefore it might be useful considering remote teams, spread across multiple countries that can help solve your issues.

At Tech Collective, most of the team works remotely based across Southeast Asia. However, we’re able to work cohesively together and manage the work effectively.

Here are a few reasons why we think remote teams can work really well for you.

Talent isn’t Location-Dependent

Before free video conferencing, cheap long distance calls and good internet penetration, the talent you hired had to work in an office in order to be productive. That’s not the case anymore.

For talent-starved markets, remote talent can be a saviour helping them source great talent who don’t want to move halfway across the world. They can now enjoy the comforts of being in the hometown while being part of an organisation thousands of miles away.

Remote workers are often driven employees

To work remotely, you often have to give up the comforts or perceived stability of a traditional office setting. This often attracts driven or motivated staff to the job.

You might have come across their Twitter when searching industry-related tags; you might have read an article they wrote or an app that they designed. In many cases, remote workers make a first impression through their work, and then the interview discussion comes afterward.

You need to be driven to able to work remotely, manage their own time, and put themselves out there enough to be noticed.


Create a 24 hour work day

Having employees across different time zones also means that someone will always be able to update social media, respond to customer inquiries, and anything else that needs your attention at all hours of the day.

If you plan it well, production never stops. While different time zones require careful scheduling, the benefits can lead to great customer satisfaction.


Hiring remote workers can save money for both the employee and employer. Hiring remote workers is often more affordable, as the employee works from home or in a preferred location. There is also the reduction in overhead costs such as office space, utilities, and some technical equipment.

Employees save as well. Cutting out the cost of a commute for employees is one thing, but reducing your travel time or eliminating completely is invaluable to busy staff.


Work can be more productive

Remove the commute from your day and you might find you actually have time to do things that need to be done.

Remote workers can save time with their commute, be more rested, and even work in a comfortable location that they feel is most productive. If they want to work in a coffee shop one day, that’s fine. If they want to work on their couch another day, that’s fine too.


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