When it comes to tech, though, some things pay off more than others. And if you have a startup, getting your tech on track just for the basics is crucial.

We sat down with a few startup founders and picked their brains for the first things they upgraded when they got a bit of revenue coming in.

The website

Your website speaks volumes on your behalf, so upgrading the quality of your website is a must. It should be your first priority when the money starts coming in. Having it mobile optimised is just the start because design and quality of content really matter.

Find out how to build your first website.

Consolidate and simplify

If you’re working with a dozen different applications for your small business, you are facing problems with managing them all. You need to streamline these into a simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

It is time to rethink what you use. From the start, try to choose applications that manage multiple tasks through one dashboard, then add on apps that integrate with those solutions.

Upgrade your storage

Using your free Google or Dropbox service to get by. Don’t let that stop you and invest in a professional storage service for your emails, files, and client information. This is crucial if you want a centralised and efficient way to store your items.

Everything is on the cloud right now, so it makes sense to at least stay on top of that one.

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Get a wireless mesh network

Chances are, your business runs on wireless, and you may experience dead spots in certain areas of your office. A wireless mesh network is a way to overcome those issues, giving you more reliable Wi-Fi access at faster speeds than you may get with regular providers. There are options out there, so it is best to compare prices before committing to it.

This solution works best for companies that plan to run solely on wireless, rather than relying on a hardwired network.


If you’re interested in improving the tech in your business, make sure to regularly audit your environment and find areas where you can improve. By doing that, you’ll be able to remain competitive and keep both your customers and employees happy.