Happy customers usually mean a happy business, especially if you’re the reason your customers are happy.

The easiest way to engage and maintain happy customers is through the service you provide them. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not overlook the importance of customer service.

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How customer service works an actually vary from company to company, but the key elements to turn customers into longtime clients are the same. Here are some simple tips to follow in order to up your customer service game:

Speed is the key

No one has time for anything anymore and people who are upset or want to make a purchase, have even less patience. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you build a proper process and customer service infrastructure for your startup.

Speed is the key

Besides emails and phone calls, it also includes all platforms, so social media channels like Facebook messenger, Twitter, and others need to be covered by your customer service team.

Use the channels that work for you

Being able to respond quickly and effectively is key to great customer service, so depending on your business and team, it is essential to focus on key channels for customer service.

Social media may not be the best channel for customer service

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Some startups use social media channels because most of their customers are easily engaged online and they have a team able to manage that. However, for some brands, it is easier to manage all conversations over email, in-app messages, and even phone calls. It really depends on the type of startup that you run.

Personalisation works

By engaging your customers, you can use their feedback to personalise the way you provide customer service.

Personalised service works best

Use your customer messages, tweets, reviews and insights to create a personalised response to their needs. This will help retain customers while solving their issues according to the way they need.

This is quite labour intensive, so be sure you have the resources available before you commit to that format.