Working in a startup is stressful as it is, so having to deal with difficult employees can make it unbearable. While offices can face serious issues like bullying and sexual harassment, there are lesser evils, which can make coming to work a chore and even affect your productivity.

If you’ve ever had a job for a time, you’ve definitely experienced this issue. While it is important to encounter such people as they help us broaden our horizon, here are some ways to overcome this issue.

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Focus on your company’s goals

Instead of focusing on the person who is making your life difficult, focus on the goals of the organization. Ask yourself why you are working in this startup? Often when you are consumed by a difficult situation, your focus is taken away from your goals or the goals of the organization.

Getting back on track will result in growth and productivity rather than the negativity that comes with dealing with a difficult colleague.

Make them an ally

Every enemy is a friend you haven’t made yet

I don’t know who said that, but it can be true.

By looking at your colleague as someone who has their own problems and issues, it can help you understand where they come from and how you can work with them. This may be the start of a new friendship or at least, understanding between both of you. By turning your difficult colleague into an ally, it can help make your work life a lot easier.

Take the high road

Don’t get sucked into the negativity of having an office fight with a colleague. By taking the high road, you’re able to take a stance and rise above the pettiness that is usually a hallmark of inter-office squabbles.

Here are a few simple tips to follow:

  • Don’t retaliate against petty snipes
  • Stay civil and make sure you conduct yourself with professionalism
  • Keep an account of everything that goes on, which you feel is an actionable offensive
  • Focus on your tasks and goals, rather than petty issues

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Have a real conversation

Communication can save the world, so why not an office disagreement. Speak to your colleagues and have a conversation about the issue rather than ignore it and let it fester. By initiating a real conversation, you can deal with the issues head-on and make sure that it is resolved quickly.

This will make you seem mature and level-headed, which are signs of a good leader.