While we’re entering the year 2019, let’s see if we can up your time-saving skills to the year 3019.

Now more than ever, time has become an increasingly precious resource, which we try to hack by trying to improve our productivity. From tools for managing schedules, project management, and information flow, we have accumulated lists and tried out tools to help entrepreneurs effectively manage their time.

Here we focus on new things that will hopefully save you a lot of time in the new year.

We explore timeboxing

We explore Timeboxing, which has been growing in popularity as an essential method for:

  • Managing overloaded schedules
  • Reducing stress, and
  • Increasing productivity

This simple technique is based on the concept of managing tasks through interval time periods of topic-oriented work with small breaks interspersed between them.

Timeboxing aims explicitly to create a more consistent focus and mental clarity to combat fatigue. Stress is a byproduct of being overworked, and especially in a startup where you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

person holding a cup of coffee

This technique takes some practice, as you need to develop it into a habit and requires that you understand how your attention span works and how you can manage your energy.

Dividing your time into intervals where you focus on work for extended periods followed by shorter small breaks help maintain concentration. According to research, our brains tend to work the most efficient through small intervals, and short breaks in between these intervals can provide a welcome break from the monotony and strain.

Stepping away from technology

Limiting technology usage – mainly before you sleep – has been shown to improve efficiency in work, improve sleep patterns, and morning focus. Staring at our phones or computers throughout the day can reduce energy and motivation the following morning. Overexposure to blue-screened device light can even throw off your circadian rhythm.

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It can be extremely stressful to feel disconnected from your digital world, so here are some tools that might help you break away:

  • Screen filters or dimmers can help reduce overexposure to blue light in the evening
  • An app like Forest rewards you for focusing and not being too dependent on your digital device – it is a cool idea, which seems to have become popular
  • A more rudimentary way is to lock away your devices at night or practise a strict cut-off period where everything is switched off at a certain time

Improve your productivity with technology

Digital tools for enhancing productivity are everywhere nowadays. We’ve covered many of them before, so we’d rather not bore you with the details, so here’s our collated list for you to look through.

This should save you about 20 minutes, so thank us later.

  • Saving new entrepreneurs time and effort. We suggest you read this, maybe this one and that.
  • Scaling your business right now? Read this one and our article about running a well-oiled machine
  • For amateur designers and digital marketers, you can check out our articles here and here.

They should provide a great starting point for most businesses in getting their business online and automated.

The promise of 2019

Improving your productivity and saving you time has benefits far beyond your work and building your business. Being able to spend time on yourself and reduce work-related stress will have significant health benefits, which will, in turn, help you in business.

Remember to take stock of your life this new year and figure out how you can improve your life moving forward.