We take a detour into the Tech Collective archives to revisit the amazing year that was 2018. We’ve had a lot of entrepreneurs share their thoughts with us and have slowly graduated into a longer form interview format to give them an opportunity to share their full story.

Our section ‘5 Questions’ still exists and will continue to be updated, but we now reserve that for newer entrepreneurs starting their journey, so they’re still putting together the building blocks of their brand story.

Here are some of the top highlights from 2018’s ‘5 Questions’ interviews, where the interviewees share what they would like to be remembered for.

Karl Vaan, BitofProperty

This proptech CEO has been a regular on Tech Collective and has built an interesting blockchain platform to make real estate investment more accessible. BitofProperty is opening up real estate investment to the masses.

100 years from now, I believe that if my team and I have been able to help out in creating a more transparent and internationally accessible real estate investment space that can be built upon in the future then that would be the greatest recognition for us.

Jay Huang, Pulsifi

Another regular on Tech Collective is Jay Huang from Pulsifi. The Pulsifi platform is a great analytics tool that helps companies find the right employees amongst a host of potential candidates.

I do not have a desire to be remembered in 100 years, but I would like for Pulsifi to be remembered around the world for spreading our vision of helping people achieve their greatness, and for team members of Pulsifi to be recognized as people who deliver impact and change the world.

Charlotte Lim, JobTech

Staying in HR technology, JobTech has expanded their reach to multiple markets and continues to use AI to help bring efficiency and quality to the job search.

Honestly, for me, it is more important to think about the impact that JobTech is making and will continue to make 10, 20, 100 years from now. If someone can say that thanks to JobTech, I picked up Python because JobTech made me aware that Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and is also widely sought-after (from JobTech data) due to its application in rapid prototyping/agile environments, I’ll be very happy already!

Justin Wang, Scry

This is one of the most interesting startups we’ve featured on Tech Collective, because they focus on using user-generated predictions to identify business trends. Scry is trying to change the world through crowdsourced predictions.

Being one of the many links in the chain that pulled humanity into a new era of rationalism, and to popularise the idea that markets should be adapted to maximise the utility of a service/product vertical, not merely currency.

Frank Meehan, SmartUp

Here’s Frank proving that founders are human too. As a founder and CEO of knowledge sharing startup SmartUp, he is looking to bring a culture of learning into the corporate world.

For being that guy who just likes to do things differently! I think it’s important for everyone to – at least once in their lives – do their own thing and see if they can make a difference with that!

I have a son and I want him to – when he grows up – to look back and say, “Hey! That’s my dad you’re talking about! He’s that awesome guy who decided to go down the route less traveled.”

As parents, what we do, we do ultimately for our children. What other people remember you for is one thing. What really matters is what your children, and their children, will remember you for.