Technological innovation has redefined nearly every aspect of the business world. This includes human resources management. Technological advancement has made it efficient in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities. Since its overall function is to take care of employees so business goals can be achieved, it’s critical to adopt systems that will streamline the processes. Doing so helps any organization achieve business targets as fast as they can. Every company wants to generate profit within the shortest possible time. So, the human resource department should be keen on creating strategies that can make its functions both effective and efficient.

Having said that, HR personnel needs to rely on technology to make this happen. Here’s are 5 technology trends changing the industry.

Data analytics

Data is in every business. Thus, human resource personnel should know how to make sense of it. Employee turnover rate is just one of the many examples of data that the HR department should draw insights from. They should study the trends for the past few years to spot the pattern of this recurring event. This allows them to come up with the best solution to decrease the number. Statistical analysis and visualization enable organizations to draw conclusions from the huge amount of data.

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Mobile app technology

The hiring process nowadays has become easy due to the mobile applications that both recruiters and applicants can use. Some job posting sites have their version of mobile apps so job seekers can easily track their application status. On the other hand, hiring managers benefit from mobile apps through fast communication process so they can easily find qualified candidates.

The increasing use of Social Media

Social media has helped hiring managers reach out to job seekers. Recruiters can use social media to spot talents who could be assets to their organization. In just a few clicks, they’ll find the people they need. Also, recruitment practitioners should be able to attract qualified candidates through marketing. Chito San Mateo from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, who has experience in both HR and marketing, said that HR professionals should think like marketers. This enables them to persuade top talent to work for their respective companies.

Cloud technology and SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) apps are avenues to streamline operations through its web applications. Prior to the birth of cloud-based applications, gathering and processing of data had been big challenges for HR practitioners. Now, having online access to centralized information has made it easy for them to navigate the systems. According to Sonnie Santos, President and Founder of Learning and Organization Development Institute, Inc. (LODI Inc.) in the Philippines, more local companies will optimize HR work and processes through diverse software solutions. These can be cloud or app-based training, timekeeping, and benefits management.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Since the human resource department should be able to get the best candidates fast, having an automated system can help them eliminate wasted time and focus on what truly matters. That’s why chatbots are great AI tools that allow HR practitioners to save time in dealing with application concerns. Chatbots can answer simple questions that job seekers might ask. Also, AI tools that screen resumes based on relevant keywords increase the productivity. This results in a faster process of hiring the right candidate.

HR professionals play a pivotal role in any firm. Hiring the right talent for your organization is the foundation of employee satisfaction. For hiring and all other HR functions, adopting relevant technologies is a must so you can achieve your business targets through your people. If you can help your human resource personnel solve problems in their field by factoring out technological innovation into the equation, then your business will greatly benefit from it. 

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