The agricultural industry in ASEAN seems well placed to capitalise on the development and expansion of agritech. This is the adoption of modern technology in agriculture, and related industries to boost efficiency, profitability and yield.

In Southeast Asia, an estimated 16% of land is used for agricultural purposes. This has provided significant opportunities for the region to introduce innovation into the industry. Enter the startups into the industry.

We look at foodtech startups disrupting the region

Throughout the region agritech is having an impact. Even Singapore, with its relative small land mass and lack of an agriculture industry is seeing the impact of the disruption. However, are there opportunities being missed?

people on plant fields harvesting during daytime

We explore four startups that are making waves in agritech.

Demeter, Vietnam

According to a recent e27 article, Demeter, named after the Greek Goddess of farming and agriculture, was founded in 2017 by Pham Ngoc Anh Tung.

This Internet of Things (IoT)-based start helps with automation to replace human involvement. The service is aimed at helping farmers with management work, maintaining productivity, and product quality.

The software and hardware product controls most of the agriculture process including pumps, irrigation systems, micro-climate control systems, drones, weather stations, camera systems, and sensor systems. It also is connected into storage, including processing and data analysis, turning data into insight on the cloud.

Which industries are next to be disrupted in the region

Impact Terra, Myanmar

This mobile solution for Myanmar’s farmers, agribusinesses and other agricultural stakeholders aims to improve the livelihoods of the rural population and improve food security and safety.

The app provides users with an easy-to-use visual interface and real-time and targeted content such as weather forecast, input product prices, crop market prices, product information, farming best practices, news, risk announcements, financing, and many more.

Agribuddy. Cambodia

Agribuddy is a Cambodian mobile app for farmers to create collective intelligence by connecting the ecosystem together. This includes farmers, agricultural traders and reproachers, bringing them together to solve problems the sector faces.

According to the website, they have over 20,000 users of their app just in Cambodia.

Glife, Singapore

This Singaporean startup provides a farm-to-table platform and seeks to redefine end-to-end agricultural food supply chain. The startup has over 150 local F&B businesses connected directly with farmers within their ecosystem for fresh produce needs.

Glife is aiming to connect consumers, communities & merchants through their platform. By providing these technology driven solutions as well as offine support, they are aiming to become the one-stop green lifestyle solution hub for the region.