Ah, alcohol… The only reason some of us work hard during the week, so we can appreciate that first sip of a cold beer during the weekend.

For others, it is actually a huge business opportunity that is looking for its first major disruption in years. Many startups are focusing on delivery and cost to disrupt the market, though a few are looking at data plays to see how they can bring about change in the drinking habits of the region.

Though Southeast Asia is still a young market for alcohol startups, here are some that are making waves in the region.

Boozeat, Malaysia

This Malaysian alcohol startup is the brainchild of former Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia employee Jessie Chong. Her experience in the industry helped her build up one of Malaysia’s first alcohol startups.

According to a Digital News Asia article, the Boozeat platform is a bridge between brands and consumers. The brands benefit from another channel to the consumer and consumers such as you and me get convenience and price.

The cost is lower than hypermarkets in Malaysia, though delivery can apply for rush orders.

liquor bottles on white and brown wooden cabinet

Wishbeer, Thailand

Originally just an online platform for beer delivery to homes, Thailand-based Wishbeer has now launched an offline presence by setting up flagship stores in Thailand.

With funds from 500 Tuk Tuks and 500 Startups, the delivery startup is looking to disrupt the Thai alcohol market. According to an e27 article, they are also planning to expand to other markets in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

This delivery startup started with premium beers and craft beers before expanding their alcohol lists to include spirits as well.

Omniaz, Singapore (DRNK AR app)

Founded less than two years ago in June 2018, the Singapore-based startup Omniaz launched its first product DRNK AR app in October. The app is now available in 10 markets, including Singapore and China.

The app allows consumers to use their phone camera to view more information about the beverage by hovering over a wine bottle.

The brand currently generates revenue in three ways according to this DTC article:

  • Enabling alcohol producers and distributors to present content about their products to consumers
  • Running campaigns for marketing agencies and merchants where, for instance, coupons and rewards are distributed during wine festivals or tasting events
  • Training waiters, bartenders, and sommeliers

Paneco, Singapore

A traditional alcohol delivery company, Paneco seems to push the simplicity of its system and service as the main focus.

Founded in 2015, the Singapore startup is apparently part of one of the largest online alcohol retailers in the world. The brand has been growing from strength to strength is currently one of fastest growing online liquor retailers in the world.

The company offers a wide selection of premium alcohols curated to local market tastes.