Healthcare remains one of the most important industries in the region. Malaysia has a growing economy and a burgeoning startup scene, with healthcare being a strong focus for the market.

However, the same issues that face every other market in the region also impacts the Malaysian market. Long waiting times, poor access to proper healthcare, rising costs and much more are some of the issues facing the industry in Malaysia.

This is where healthtech or healthcare startups have the potential to disrupt and improve the market in Malaysia. The rapidly improving technology and the ability to use more developed markets as a test bed has allowed some startups to create real value in the medical industry in Malaysia. The impact that they are having is helping both improve the quality of the medical industry as well as cope with the evolving nature of the healthcare needs of the population.

We take a look at some of the startups making waves in healthcare in Malaysia.


DoctorOnCall is a telehealth startup that claims to be Malaysia’s first online video-consultation platform for the industry. This is not a new industry, as it already is quite established and mature outside of Asia with millions of patients in US, Australia & Europe using telehealth services regularly.

DoctoronCall promotional video

The startup offers healthcare services via chat, phone, and video calls. Besides consultation, the company also provides medical second opinion and medicine delivery.


REMEDi offers patients the opportunity to securely connect to your selected records online to review historical and current results. With the growing need for transparency in the medical process, the startup wants to offer the chance for healthcare professionals and patients to work together.

The service allows patients to securely connect to selected records online to review historical and current results.


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CEO Azran Osman-Rani presenting at the Australian Consulate in Malaysia

Naluri has taken a different approach in the Malaysian healthcare industry by focusing mental health. This healthcare startup is focused on the enterprise B2B market and works with insurers and corporates to provide benefits.

Founded by former iFlix Malaysia CEO Azran Osman-Rani and medical professional Dr Jeremy Ting, the startup provides users access to a significant number of qualified professional health coaches, dieticians, executive coaches, fitness coaches, medical advisors, and pharmacists.

The startup is also said to be focusing om incorporating technology to enhance the service and improve the healthcare outcomes for patients.

The startups has raised US$2 million so far to advance its research and growing the business.


ClicknCare was founded by Abu Hasnat Mohammad Sultanur Reza to allow healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients using telecommunications technology. Primarily focused on the migrant population, it aims to make it easy for any migrant in any country to find local doctors at a reasonable cost.

Currently, the offer two service ClickTalk, which is a telehealth servuce and ClickDoc, which is a pool of registered doctors in Malaysia with multilingual operators and physicians.


HealthMetrics is a personal assistant to manage employees’ health benefits. It provides employers with transparent healthcare pricing as well as predictive analytics to help companies budget and manage the administrative work under one platform.

This enterprise B2B startup converts all data into analytics for the users to make business decisions. In 2018, the company received US$1 million funding from Spiral Ventures, Cradle, and RHL Ventures.


Regardless of the type of service that these startups offer, the fact that they are positively impacting the industry is the most important aspect of their business. Hopefully, they will continue to grow and create value in the healthcare industry and continue to help people.