Podcasts are growing in popularity in Southeast Asia, as people are starting to realise and appreciate the medium. Not bragging, but we called it almost two years ago with our post ‘Why podcasts are becoming so popular right now‘.

We also covered a few podcasts in the region and added in a few that we listened to, but as the industry has grown, more local players have stepped up to fill the void. From established tech players to young upstarts, the podcast industry has grown from strength to strength.

In this article, we look at the podcasts in Southeast Asia that are providing a much needed auditory fix for the business and startup community in the region.

Startup Snapsot

Startup Snapshot is part of Tech in Asia’s growing media presence. This podcast aims to tell the stories of Asian tech founders and industry leaders, understanding their struggles and discussing their innovations.

A mix of formal and casual conversation, this provides a relaxed but insightful look into the inner workings of the startup and tech scene in Asia.

To listen to the podcasts, check out their episodes on Tech in Asia websiteSpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Business over Drinks

One of the new players in the region, Business Over Drinks is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs – Terng Shing Chen and David Bobis. According to their website, the podcast is modelled after the countless business conversations that they have had over a few drinks.

Aimed at replicating that casual conversation between business leaders, mavericks and industry mavens, the two hosts actually came up with this idea over a couple of drinks.

What makes this podcast standout is their humorous take on any topic, lending some credence that they might actually be real friends having a conversation over a few drinks.

You can listen to them on their website, Spotify, Apple podcasts, Deezer, and most other popular podcast platforms.

Analyse Asia

Drones – Charles Reed Anderson
Image courtesy Charles Reed Anderson

Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong is a weekly podcast that has been a stalwart of the podcast scene in Asia since 2014. The podcast focuses on interviews that dissect and aim to understand the Asian business and technology scene.

A bit more formal in their approach, the podcast features top business leaders and provides insight into deep topics impacting the industry.

To listen to the podcast, you can find the episodes on the Analyse Asia website, Spotify and Soundcloud.

The Asia Business Podcast

Tigerhall - Asia's Microlearning Platform For Professionals

Another new player to the game is Tigerhall. This is a micro-learning platform that produces short podcasts with business leaders in Asia, working for large and exciting brands. The goal of their podcast is to provide small, but insightful nuggets of business information that aligns with their business model. They brand themselves as a “success enablement platform” for those looking for success in business.

This podcast features some of the top business leaders in Asia and they discuss general business topics and success in general. The tone of the podcast is quite formal nature, this makes them similar to Analyse Asia.

You can find their podcast on Spotify and Apple podcasts, or you can download the Tigerhall app on the major app stores.

There you have our list of Southeast Asian business podcasts you have to listen to in 2020. If you have any recommendations for other podcasts based in the region – even local language ones – do drop us an email here and we’ll compile another list for our readers.

This article has been updated on 4 June 2020.