In future-proofing a business, digital transformation has become a necessary survival strategy. The journey begins from the inside out: with a shift in mindset, followed by swift action. By adopting digital technologies across the company, we are reimagining business processes, culture and experiences that are meant to delight.

But with anything that requires fundamental changes, impactful leadership is key, and earning the team’s support and advocacy is crucial. Bite-sized video content with strong key messages is one of the most effective ways to get started with digital transformation.

A research by Wyzowl noted that 87% of businesses now use video as a communication tool. These businesses understand that video is a powerful asset to both internal and external consumers, with 79% of people saying the brand’s video has convinced them to buy an app or software. The fact is that the impact of video is undeniable, but the possibilities of using video for different business functions are limitless. So, if you are a beginner, it is highly recommended to visit any video editing website to create amazing video content showcasing your business and product range and make it a powerful tool to communicate with your potential customers.

Your employees become your brand ambassadors

Getting the entire team on board is one thing, getting them involved is the next step. Involving employees with relevant subject matter expertise to share their knowledge through video is important, and extends their individual niches to the whole organisation. 

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When you empower your employees to be video creators themselves, especially those based in remote offices outside the headquarters, this fosters a culture of inclusion and makes them feel like a part of something bigger. 

Our Founder and CEO of Shootsta, Mike Pritchett, recently spoke with key thought leaders from global brands including Facebook who are digital transformers in their businesses. In a conversation with Chris Wyatt, VP Global Education at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc, one sentence rang true: “You need to remember our employees are our biggest consumers.”

Planning for your company’s digital transformation journey

Company videos not only get the message across swiftly and connect geographically distant teammates, but also sends the right signals about what your company stands for. In developing a reputation of being agile and dynamic, video is a useful branding tool that can showcase a company’s forward-thinking culture.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in planning your video strategy. For some companies, the key objectives are lead generation, for others, it’s about empowering the sales team to become familiar with all the rapid developments of your fast-growing company. 

Know thy audience

The goals might be different but that’s where the flexibility of digital communication tools really shines. Be it pre-recorded webinars or onboarding videos, you want to attract attention and engage the audience and the medium is arguably as important as the message.

By understanding who your target audience is and what they need to know about your company, you are already halfway through the process of connecting with them. Implementing the engagement strategy is the next step and video content is not only easy to execute but even easier to scale.

Mike Pritchett also spoke with Facebook’s Director of Marketing ANZ, Alexandra Sloane. They discussed, “At the end of the day, businesses succeed when they meet customers at where they are, following what consumer behaviour is doing.”

Ultimately, video is a tool that puts the digital in digital transformation. By understanding the value and impact of video in your business processes, whether people management or customer engagement, organisations will be able to implement the right strategies, bringing their company leagues closer towards impactful digital transformation and successful business growth.

Contributed by Antoine Bouchacourt, Vice President Asia, Shootsta

About the author

Antoine Bouchacourt is Vice President of Asia at Shootsta, a global technology company providing digital communication tools and resources to empower businesses to create high-quality and professional media content cost-effectively at scale. Based in Shootsta’s global headquarters in Singapore, Antoine oversees business development and manages the company’s rapid expansion in Asia.