Almost everyone knows what Google is, but some people may not be familiar with the word Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We use SEO to optimize a website to the point that Google considers it the best search result for a specific query. It happens when we search for some information on Google. By mastering SEO, you will be able to increase your web traffic, resulting in increased sales.

If your brand name is huge, you will already be appearing on Google’s first page. If you are a start-up or any ordinary brand with the best product or website design, there are chances that no one can see your web page. For this purpose, you should optimize your website for Google to increase web traffic. This article will provide you information that can help you maximize your brand awareness by utilizing SEO tools.

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SEO is part and parcel of how most digital companies grow. We look at why you should consider SEO as well.

How to boost SEO strategy

Startups and entrepreneurs should take advantage of the power tool SEO to generate sales and gain more customers. Asia has been a unique market for SEO, but Google’s domination is less, and locally grown search engines overtake many places. Examples of local search engines include Baidu in Mainland China, Naver in Korea, Yahoo, and Bing in Japan and Hong Kong. 

Your brand should maintain its website features, creative design, web content, retention, and conversation to reach the search engine ranking lists. In Asia, you will see that SEO is multilingual in most cases. They try to gain users in a variety of languages, countries, and regions. For example, if you wish to set up your business in Hong Kong, your online platform must be in three languages, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English. Providing information in more than one language can increase your reach and positively affect your SEO strategy.

How to approach business on a global scale

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If your company plans to expand in more regions, then consider other search engines that are popular there other than Google. Your platform should be in multiple languages to attract customers from different parts of the world. Keyword-search should be in English and your local language. 

Try to use different URLs for different languages and give access to the users to switch the page. Make a communication plan including local websites, improve brand exposure, and receive links from high-quality localized websites to improve search engine rankings.

Backlinks play a part in SEO

Although page content, website speed, etc., play a part in search ranking of a website, the number of backlinks a website plays a more prominent role. For search engine rankings, backlinks are considered a vote of trust for the page to which the link is provided. Big companies like Apple, Samsung, and Singapore Airlines will already have many websites that backlink them without even trying. The small businesses have to reach out and struggle for link building opportunities. You can do this with the help of an SEO expert or reach out to a company that provides services like SEO Singapore.

How to choose a keyword

Choosing the right keyword plays a big part in Google rankings. Here are some tips which will help you with choosing your keyword.

  • Identify your target customers and think about what phrases they would type in Google if they wanted to find these products or services.
  • For inspiration or to broaden your ideas, visit your main competitor’s websites.
  • Try to choose long-tail keywords that comprises three or more words or phrases. They attract more traffic, easier to rank well, and are less competitive. Choose a keyword that helps specify your product or service.