Many people dream of owning a website or blog, but they don’t know-how or lack resources. WordPress is a popular and only way of creating your blog or website.

 It powers more than 25% of the sites on the internet, and there are 44,000 plugins for WordPress that you can install. The plugins help you manage your platform easily.

The content management system laid down by WordPress is rated as one of the finest. A WordPress website allows you to perform several operations, but it can’t write high-quality content for you. 

Although the plugins are very beneficial, writing is something that you would have to do on your own.

Benefits of using WordPress 

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Word press makes the process of building a website or a blog more convenient. Some of its benefits include:-

  • Easy usage is one of its most desired features. WordPress is straightforward to use with its in-built interface. You can add new pages, posts, videos regularly in a few minutes.
  • You can manage your website from any computer. It only requires a stable internet connection for successful access
  • WordPress is an autonomous system, and it doesn’t involve HTML editing software. You can perform any operation like adding pictures, videos, documents, format text, etc. without the requirement for FTP or HTML software
  • A WordPress site gives the user complete control of their platform. You no longer have to wait for a web designer to make simple changes to your website.
  • The customizable website design allows you to change it according to your preferences. You can use your unique ideas to build your site
  • Plugins that can increase the web site’s functionality with. It allows you to do more than you would expect
  • A major benefit of a WordPress website is that it will enable you to set-up and assigns different roles to people who are maybe helping you on the site. 

Writing unique content 

The different plugins on WordPress significantly increase the functionality of the website. It allows you to manage your site and do a lot more with it. However, writing content remains the responsibility of the user. 

Content marketing is a huge part of how startups scale. We look at some of the examples in Southeast Asia.

Content lies at the heart of the website. The importance of properly written content can and should never be ignored. The proper use of plugins is necessary when you want to compose unique content for your website. The following strategies can be used to write unique content for your website that would boost its traffic:-

Word and keyword count 

Writing lengthy content is a turn-off, and not many people like to spend minutes scrolling through the article. It could not be easy to keep track of the words, mainly when it concerns the keyword, which also needs to be used a few times.

The Word Stats plugin can be installed to assist in the matter. The WP tool provides access to a diversity of tools to aid in improving the WordPress content quality. Some of its notable features include:-

  • Overall word count
  • Post types in percentages and numbers
  • The top 20 used keywords
  • A graph to demonstrate the word count of each post type

Content writing and removing duplication using paraphrasing tool

Content writing is crucial; apart from well-researched articles, other factors need attention. Various aspects must be considered when writing content for your WordPress websites for instance:-

  • You have to look out for duplicate content
  • You need to consider the keyword density
  • The post title optimization helps in more outreach
  • Examine meta tags
  • Improved content quality

All of these characteristics need to be considered when composing content. A tool that can help you is the paraphrasing tool which is easily available online and most of the bloggers use it to make their writing effective. Free Paraphrasing tool replaces most of the words in your content with the most suitable synonyms. This way, your simple words gets into the effective one while the plagiarism (if any) gets removed. 

Topic selection

The topic selection is one of the most essential things, yet not many people emphasize on it. Writing unique content would involve choosing particular topics. It’s vital that you pay attention to your niche and what attracts your audience the most.

It would help if you recognized the areas with the most engagement and higher bounce rate and then build upon it. You can make a list of all the topics and then put down guidelines and a clear structure. Research and well-written content play a significant role in attracting organic traffic to your website.

The writing style and tone 

The writing style and tone of the content need to be laid down before composing, and you need to maintain a positive tone. It’s advised that you avoid engaging in any conflicts or making negative remarks. The viewer should be encouraged to continue to read the text.

The writing style would depend on how you intend to write the content. If it’s an informational article, then you should always avail the options accessible to you. It includes thorough research from multiple websites. 

You should never consider copying content from other websites. Instead, you can use it for research purposes and propose your unique structure. If you copy text, it will give rise to plagiarism. A website that is found plagiarizing other work moves down the ranks, and the thus lower audience has a chance to reach it. There are great tools online to help check plagiarism to help you ensure it never happens.

Adding visuals

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Although text lies at the center, and it’s incremental in attracting an organic audience, additional visuals are a great way to raise the chances. It is one of those aspects that are often overlooked, and people fail to emphasize it.

According to psychology, people are more attracted to published content that contains visuals that mere text. Visuals can be in different forms like videos, images, infographics, or even graphs.

 The addition of these to a well-written article is one of the best ways to increase the outreach, build an authentic and permanent audience, and rating higher on SERPs.

Through the Zedity Plugin on WordPress, you can also add unique designs and themes to your WordPress website. A combination of all the aspects would make your website appear more striking and attractive. It’s easy to use a plugin that can change the entire look of your site within minutes.