Elearning is considered to be the future of learning and with the advancements in technology, global learning has been significantly shifted towards electronic learning with the help of supported technologies provided by innovations. Virtual proctoring is considered to be another significant area which is gaining a lot of importance nowadays. With the help of this concept, there have been significant course programmes so that services can be provided at a very fast pace and how Examinations were conducted have been significantly changed.

The concept of proctoring can be termed as the mechanism which can be utilized in ensuring the authenticity of the examination so that the test-taker is prevented from all the suspicious activities throughout the test. For this purpose, proctoring software is very effectively utilized to make sure that everything is perfectly implemented. The concept also uses a person who is trained as well as qualified to make sure that student authentication is very well present throughout the process and no kind of cheating is performed.

The concept of remote proctoring very well enables the individuals to write a test online from the remote location. The whole concept is also based upon maintaining the integrity throughout the test and the students can confirm their identity with the help of mechanisms provided by it. In case of any irregular behaviour found by any of the students, flags will be issued and this concept has changed to the whole format of conducting the examinations.

The current state of the industry

Following are some of the problems which prevailed in this particular industry because of which the concept of online proctoring is very important:

  • Current global scenario which is dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19, there was a complete lockdown in various countries and cities.
  • The proctored examination can be conducted at any of the location and at any time which very well enhances the flexibility of the organization as well as of the candidate.
  • The qualified doctors will find it very hard to find which very easily leads to the success of the concept of recorded proctoring.
  • The limited supply of test centres lead to organizations extending their capabilities in this field.
  • In the online test which is considered and conducted without procuring the chances of cheating are very significantly high. So, to deal with these kinds of methods the organizations are shifting their focus towards online proctoring systems.

The online examination proctoring can be termed as a way in which candidates are monitored through online mediums throughout the test and the whole process is undertaken with the help of mike and Web camera. At the time of conducting the online examination, the candidates need to have a very suitable device, for example, any of the laptop or tablet or mobile, a good internet connection, webcam and mic which is functional and the modern browsers in their devices.

What is causing the growth

Following are some of the factors which are boosting the growth of the concept of online proctoring:

  • There is an increased demand for the concept of e-learning across the globe.
  • The elimination of high costs associated with assessment centres has also fueled the growth of this particular industry.
  • The time and money of the learners are significantly saved with this concept.
  • There is not enough infrastructure or computer labs that can administer the examination condition environments which are the main reason this concept is very much successful and organizations are coming towards it.
  • There is a great need of the organizational needs with the people so that learning assessments can be effectively undertaken.
  •  Considering the current global scenario a lot of organizations are coming towards the adoption of these kinds of systems across their whole system is to make sure that everything is very easily implemented and all the stakeholders are highly satisfied.
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Following are some of the people who can very easily make the usage of these kinds of systems:

The assessment providers: All the people who are into the field of assessment providing have various kinds of ready-made assessments so that they can provide a test engine to the clients. In this way, they can also become the valuable partners of the whole concept which will help in making sure that everything is cost-effective. Additional revenue opportunities will be generated very easily and tests can be provided on-demand bases from anywhere and at any time. The organizations are shifting from the local operations towards the global ones with the help of these kinds of concepts.

Education providers and universities: All the schools, universities and colleges are undertaking these kinds of concepts to make sure that there is a high level of validity and reliability throughout the learning procedures. Hence, student authentication can be very well achieved and misleading practices for example cheating and other issues can be dealt with accordingly.

The certifying agencies: Some of the certification-related procedures also rely on the importance of this concept and have been undertaking this very easily. It is a great way of scaling up the business so that students can complete their certification from home very easily. It is a great way of being competitive in the industry because the cost of certification can be brought down with such systems. The best part related to the whole concept is that visual records can be provided for auditing purposes on-demand and organizations can expand their operations very easily.

There are several kinds of applications of the online proctoring to the businesses and some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • This concept helps to make sure that there is a high level of security for the examinations which have been undertaken remotely because everything will be perfectly implemented.
  • The validation of online education will be very well available in this concept and high-level of streamlined operations will be undertaken. Hence, the hiring decisions of the organization will be significantly improved.
  • There will be high-level of convenience what the concept so that there is the complete opportunity of online assessments.

Hence, the exam procuring systems are very effective in terms of several kinds of benefits which they provide and this is the future of the learning concept because of the excellent reporting capabilities and high level of automation provided by it.