With remote working and investing becoming the new normal over the past twelve months throughout the pandemic, savvy entrepreneurs around the globe have had to get creative and innovative with ways to further their finances through different investment strategies.

Want to start building up your financial portfolio throughout the remainder of 2021, and thinking of getting started with an investment strategy? To help get you inspired, here are a few different examples of ways that you might be able to use the technology at your disposal to your advantage.

Virtual reality property investment 

Being a tangible, physical investment in an apartment or home, you might think that the property investment market has been adversely affected throughout the pandemic, with those looking to invest in specific areas unable due to travel restrictions. However, many savvy property investors have been using virtual reality technology to their advantage, looking into off-plan and developing properties from afar.

Using VR technology or similar 3D scans of apartments and homes that can be viewed through a smartphone’s gyroscope functionality, those looking to invest in an area from afar can get a first-person look at the home in question, providing a next best thing solution to those that are remote. In conjunction with video conferencing and screen sharing to go over other specifics of an area, this strategy has already proven to be a success with international investors.

Smartphone trading 

Investing once had a high barrier to entry, but with the multitude of different smartphone trading platforms today – from Trading212, to eToro, to RobinHood and more – it’s easier than ever for the average person to get involved. There has been a huge surge in the amount of young people getting involved with investment through these sorts of services recently, with a survey reported on by This Is Money last year stating that three in four were planning on investing for their future.

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about the stock market, many of these different apps have a simulated version built-in, so that you can invest and test out different ideas you might have without actually putting your hard-earned capital at risk.

Learning about different markets at your leisure

Expanding on the idea of investment being more accessible and open in 2021, there is a multitude of different online tools, platforms and information that you can look into if you’re wanting to learn more about a specific term, asset type, or overall investment strategy. Again, smartphone tools and platforms can give you instant access to the markets you’re interested in, and you can also consume content in a variety of ways. If you don’t have time to read through investment guides, you might decide to look into different podcasts that you can digest on the go or watch videos that explain things in a clearer way. Remember, while this information can be invaluable to you on your investment journey, be sure that you weigh it up alongside your own financial situation and life circumstances, as only you can decide whether you’re prepare to invest capital for the future. You should also make sure that you’re only considering and looking at reputable sources of information.