Regardless of whether you need a practical, affordable, or modern way of getting your customers’ attention or in need of a failsafe way of adding style to your business, you can never go wrong with backlit LED light box displays. These lightboxes offer a lot of benefits to retailers, companies, entertainment centres, and other clients. These displays combine colour and great illumination to give promotional posters and business signage an eye-catching appearance. Below are the benefits of using these lights.

1. Good Design and Function

There is an extensive selection of LED light boxes available. However, all have similar functionality and benefits to businesses, which is spiking market awareness of their products and services. Nicely designed light boxes are excellent in showcasing new products with their visual mode. You can also have a continuous brand advert or announcement on special discounts and offers for more sales.

These displays are designed to work with backlit graphics closed within a special unit. These designs create a vibrant effect, which is outstanding even when in low ambient light. Its glow appeals to your target customer’s visual sense.

2. Power Saving

Compared to fluorescent bulbs, light-emitting diodes consume less energy. They use a fraction of the energy required to power their fluorescent counterparts yet produce stronger lighting. The energy consumption of fluorescent lights is affected by their size and shape. If you want fluorescent lights to produce different colors, you must use color filters, increasing the energy and installation costs.

Since these lights should be switched on for long periods, the total cost of advertising with LED lights is less compared to fluorescent tubes. This makes constant advertising a possibility for businesses and marketers without feeling the pinch of heavy advertising costs.

3. Great Durability

Unlike fluorescent lights that last up to approximately 15000 hours, LED light boxes offer between 35000 and 50000 hours. This enables these displays to operate smoothly without the normal costly bulb replacements. Coupled with the low energy cost, businesses can continue with other business operations without budgeting a lot for the advertising department.

4. Environmentally Friendly

The low carbon footprint produced by these units is another reason why most businesses embrace this technology. With the world continually adopting green technology, this is a good way to make your business sustainable on practical levels. Fortunately, LED light boxes achieve this without compromising their quality and output.

Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED light boxes are ADA-compliant as they don’t have mercury and other metals that are potential health hazards. These tubes also don’t break easily, like fluorescent tubes, thus minimizing the degree of waste and pollution. This makes it easier for businesses to use LED light boxes to meet social-ecological expectations.

5. Versatile Option

LED lights are smaller and not affected by the limitations of fluorescent lights, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are also ultra-thin, thus taking up small space in your business while providing enough space for foot traffic, product display, and other uses. The slender profile appearance also gives your business a modern and elegant aesthetic design.

They have tough frames that enable them to be placed outside to attract passers-by without worrying about wind, moisture, and other detractors. Some of the areas that LED light boxes can be used include;

  • Airports signage
  • Exhibition and trade shows
  • Nightclubs, bar, pub promotions, and entertainment venues
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Transportation stations
  • Casinos and other display applications
  • Personal use

The Bottom Line

Illuminated advertising displays get more attention from customers and passers-by than non-illuminated options. Therefore, if you want to put your products in front of your customers, create a long-lasting impression and boost sales in any high traffic areas, LED light boxes are the best option. For better impact, work with a good graphic designs team in designing high-resolution displays that supplement your marketing team and sales team goals and mission.