The face of human resource management is changing in Indonesia, thanks to hrtech startups that have transformed the analog and slow-paced HR solutions of the past into fast and effective working systems. 

The HRtech innovations created by these startups employ automation and digitisation to complete various time-consuming tasks, including filing, talent acquisition and management, benefits administration, and performance and compensation management. 

In addition, the existence of HRtech in Indonesia eliminates the administrative and organisational challenges faced by professionals, allowing them to focus on hiring the best hands, retaining them, and boosting productivity in the work environment. 

We take a closer look at the top 5 hrtech startups that are disrupting Indonesia’s HR industry.


Urbanhire is leveraging technology to restructure the recruitment process in Indonesia. It is an online recruitment platform that distributes jobs across various job boards, collects applications, and tracks applicants. 

The platform helps eliminate the challenges related to poor hiring decisions for small and medium scale businesses in the ASEAN region. Urbanhire aims to replace traditional hiring methods that depend on disorganised spreadsheet-based administration and job portals.

Applicants can also take advantage of the meta-aggregator (smart job search) feature that collates all the jobs available in a marketplace. The interface of the platform is user-friendly, thereby attracting the best talents in Southeast Asia. With the features offered by Urbanhire, companies can recruit employees by marketing their brand and office culture.


Gadjian helps businesses reduce the cost, time, and stress of managing their human resources department. The Indonesian-based startup came into existence in 2016 to help small business owners with human resources and payroll management, thereby increasing effectiveness and efficiency in the work environment. 

In August 2019, Gadjian developed a mobile app, GadjianKu, to cater to the growing millennial workforce in the country. The application is an extension of the company’s self-service web-based dashboard. It incorporates numerous features, including leave application and approval, employee directory, and payslip download. 

According to the company’s founder and CEO, Afia Fitriati, these features make GadjianKu stand out from other local HR applications that only pay attention to basic administrative functions. Gadjian has worked with more than 2,000 companies and delivers top-notch solutions using their suite of HR tools.


Rekruta is reputed to be Indonesia’s first Saas HR ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The founders believe that corporate organisations can acquire the talents they want if hiring is more efficient. Rekruta aims to help nascent companies that have excess applicants to plan, execute, optimise and automate their recruiting process by providing a collection of tools to make data-based recruitment decisions. 

With Rekruta, businesses have the opportunity to increase their ROI since they get to hire the right hands. They help companies scoop up the best talent in Southeast Asia’s pool of millennial applicants. 

Until recently, ATS was the only tool companies used for massive recruitment processes, but the work involved is cumbersome. Rekruta’s innovation has eliminated this challenge by helping companies automate their applicant database engagement and develop a solid talent pipeline. 


Jobplanet is rated among the top 5 hrtech startups in Indonesia because of its solid community-based platform. Users of the platform can access useful information about companies and open positions, including the atmosphere of the work environment, possible job interview questions, and salary information.

Not only is the platform useful for employees and job seekers, but Jobplanet also assists businesses in evaluating the satisfaction level and quality of their employees. The company also designed a SaaS that helps HR managers to automate their workflows. Jobplanet aims to be the go-to channel for job seekers to land better jobs and build fulfilling careers while also helping companies evaluate their work environment, employee satisfaction, and value. 

Since its establishment in 2015, the company has worked tirelessly towards achieving this objective. Over time, Jobplanet has integrated several useful tools to serve more than 700,000 users with valuable information. 


Sleekr is a tech company that focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a workplace for both companies and their employees. In a bid to compete with the leading hrtech startups in Indonesia, the company wants to transform the HR ecosystem with its software.

Established in 2015, Sleekr caters to Indonesian businesses in need of human resources, accounting, and payroll software. Sleekr is driven by a Google Cloud Platform environment, allowing it to decentralise access to information technology. 

According to the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Rafeequl Rahman, adopting cloud-based technology will allow them to explore the chances of having product managers instead of system administrators, which will help businesses run more effectively. 

As companies’ interest in recruiting the best talents at low costs grows, so do growth opportunities for HRtech startups in Indonesia. The aforementioned nascent companies made our list of the top 5 HRtech startups in Indonesia because of their drive to transform the human resource industry using technology. The success of these companies will boost HRtech in Indonesia massively as they will set the pace for other startups, thereby creating a healthy competitive atmosphere.