When it comes to wealth management, you can’t afford to ignore Southeast Asia tech startups. Asia, specifically the ASEAN region, has some of the world’s largest and best wealth management startups. 

Wealthtech startups are growing across the globe for a good reason. Fintech is evolving exponentially and reached investment levels of over $168 billion USD globally in 2020. 

What is wealthtech?

Wealthtech is a subsection of the financial technology sector. It brings together technology and wealth management to provide people with digital solutions to enhance their prosperity and assist with investment and asset management. 

Southeast Asia is the most receptive to fintech and challenger banks in APAC

With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), the asset and wealth management industry is rapidly changing. Companies are utilising AI to calculate investment risk and numerous platforms are available for users to analyse and manage their portfolios. 

In this ever-evolving space, these five emerging wealthtech startups based in Southeast Asia are worth keeping an eye on as they grow. 


Endowus is a Singapore-based wealth management startup that hit the market in 2019. The founders wanted Singapore’s citizens and permanent residents to have the ability to invest not only cash but their supplementary retirement scheme (SRS) and central provident fund (CP) money securely. 

It was one of the first of its kind to allow clients to invest more than just cash. Investors of cash, CPF, or SRS all receive digital investment advice to help them reach their investment goals. 

Endowus was the first wealth management startup to raise funds outside of their investor’s money. While many companies took a brutal hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, its client base grew over 20 times. In March 2021, they launched schemes for investing in environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds, making them the first investment management company to make this move.

Call Levels 

The founders of Call Levels have been members of Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia, and they are on a mission to empower investors to take key decisions into their own hands. 

This fintech startup from Singapore is ideal for investors wishing to have immediate access to their portfolio and have more control over their investments. 

Call Levels provides users with a downloadable free app that uses cloud technology, making it simple for clients to quickly access all their financial investment information no matter where they are. The company also provides an easy-to-use dashboard for the management of client relationships and portfolios, and they are giving back to charities through its creation of a special platform for the management of donations


Supported by the National University of Singapore, Eigencat, founded in 2015, follows a modular investment process. Its wealth management tools are designed to assist family offices, private banks, and fund managers to invest and manage funds. In addition, clients who choose to invest with Eigencat can access its Robo Chatbot to provide assistance, including investment advice and technical support. 

Eigencat utilises statistical analysis to determine portfolio performance, offers real-time risk monitoring, and has an intuitive dashboard to ensure investing is easy and safe. 


While many of the up-and-coming wealthtech startups in the region have their headquarters in Singapore or Hong Kong, HelloGold has its home in Malaysia. It has collaborated with partners in other countries in Southeast Asia to offer its gold-centric investment services to a broader audience. 

In operation since 2015, it has over 200,000 users and is the first Shariah-compliant mobile app to change the way consumers use their assets by facilitating the buying and selling of gold. 

HelloGold firmly believes that investing in gold is one of the best ways to protect your assets in an unstable economy as it is reliable and has traditionally outperformed all the world’s currencies.


Award-winning fintech company, AGDelta, has a unique model in the wealth management technology sector with its B2B2C (business to business to consumer) setup.

With headquarters in Singapore and a large office in Hong Kong, AGDelta has become a significant player in the fintech world thanks to its distribution of over $2 trillion USD in assets and securities to its clients globally. 

It has a 3-modular digital wealth platform consisting of digital advice, compliance, and the best execution module. It relies heavily on AI technology to provide its clients with the best possible investment experience. In January 2021, AGDelta formed a partnership with another growing fintech firm, Skyhook Capital, to integrate both platforms and create even more investment options for its clients. 

Wealthtech startups are changing the way people invest their money. As innovative fintech companies bring unique options to the table for investors, they all move towards the similar goal of making investing more accessible and safer. 

Southeast Asia tech startups are leading the way in wealthtech while reducing costs and helping improve access to the investment markets by using automation, AI, and customising the investment experience. Wealth management startups are opening up the possibility for even small investors to engage with the markets easily, control their portfolios and access advice by embracing the latest technology as the ASEAN region makes strides in its mission to be a global fintech powerhouse.