It’s easy to believe that technology will simply develop over time and that in the not-too-distant future, it will be how every encounter and transaction is carried out – the human touch will vanish.

Although many might be excited by this, the truth is that if this occurs, it wouldn’t be a wholly positive thing. The human aspect of a business is important and will have a significant impact on your bottom line as well as the overall success of your company. Here are some of the reasons why technology and people must coexist.


It is entirely possible for us to place our confidence in technology and machinery – many of us do so on a daily basis. When it comes to online banking or shopping, for example, people are glad to provide their information and expect their purchases to arrive on time. But what happens if there is a problem? Would you rather rely on technology to solve the issue for you, or would you rather have a person assist you?

Fraud prevention or customer experience? Why online merchants need to balance both

It’s most likely the latter. So, despite the fact that technology is a fantastic tool, people do not completely trust it. They prefer to see a human being involved as well because it gives them faith and confidence that if anything goes wrong, there will be someone to assist who knows the problem; someone who understands why the issue is an issue in the first place. That is why, for example, many companies use both technology and the human touch when providing their services. Everyone is kept safe and secure by the technology, and the business can provide a real human face to interact with, keeping everyone happy and ensuring any issues are dealt with in the right way. 


All firms should solicit feedback and, at the very least, consider what has been said (and even implement the ideas if they make sense) after it is received. It might be difficult to remain impartial about your own business, and you could easily miss issues that others would see, which could potentially prevent them from spending money with you in the future. By soliciting feedback from customers and clients, you will learn what needs to be altered in your company to make it even better than it is currently. You could even be offered suggestions that you hadn’t considered before, but that will work wonderfully for you.

Interestingly, you will probably need technology to help you when it comes to collecting feedback. The most straightforward approach to request and get this advice is to send out an email questionnaire – something short and simple that will take just a few minutes to complete. However, the human factor is also crucial; you must consider what questions to ask and why you want to hear the answers. Plus, when you ask for advice, you need the human touch from your consumers – without it, you won’t know what to do for the better or what you’re currently doing properly.

New Situations 

Technology is a fantastic tool that can benefit us in almost every area of our personal and professional lives. However, there will always be new scenarios that technology just cannot handle; it was not built that way. We are very far from true artificial intelligence that can actively learn how to adapt to new ideas. Although this might happen in the future, it’s not with us just yet. 

As a result, having a person behind it all to examine specific circumstances and make educated decisions is critical; click here to see what we mean. A machine can review all of the information it’s been provided with and respond with a simple yes or no. It may need the human factor to consider the facts and provide a genuine response. That response might be the same as the original, but it could also be different – it all depends on the specific scenario, and dealing with that will be challenging for technology.

It will make you unique

In an era when technology is so widespread and so many organizations depend on it, it can be tough to distinguish yourself from all the rest. However, this does not have to be the case. If you depend less on technology and more on your employees, you will discover that you stand out from the crowd. Customers will notice this and will choose you over your competitors.

It may seem unusual to argue that being more human and utilizing less technology can make you popular, especially when, in the past, it was unquestionably the other way around. However, a real human person can be difficult to find at times, and having automated voices on a phone call or answers to emails can be annoying, no matter how valuable the technology is to companies. Taking a step back and examining what is lacking could be a beneficial exercise, and if that something is the human touch, you can restore it and let your clients know you are available to them.

Relationships on a personal level

Technology is ideal for fast, simple transactions; there is nothing better. People will want to see and/or chat with a genuine human person for more sophisticated or customized demands. They will not only be able to ensure that their message is being conveyed, but they will also be able to connect to the individual they are speaking with on a personal level. This results in more client satisfaction, greater communication, and a better overall outcome.

Furthermore, the customer is more likely to spread the word that your company is worth working with. They were able to have a nice talk with someone who understood what they needed and got them all they asked for, or they were able to come up with answers to issues that may make a significant impact.

Less frustration 

Even if nothing can be done, having the opportunity to speak with a real person can sometimes enable individuals to stop being irritated and begin to be content with their position. The results may be identical to what a machine would have achieved, but the presence of a person can soften a bad result and enhance a favourable one, ensuring that your company’s reputation stays intact.