With hybrid or WFH the norm nowadays, being able to manage teams and maintain productivity has new challenges. To help you along with your new journey, we’re getting some of the best and brightest tech leaders, creatives and more to share how they use technology to help make their work lives more productive.

We managed to get Ta Loong Gan, Managing Director of Barco Southeast Asia to share the 5 tools that make his life easier. As a seasoned professional with more than 27 years of strategic and business development experience in the consumer and enterprise technology industry in Asia, Ta Loong has to manage teams across multiple countries and juggles many hats.

Barco designs visualization and collaboration solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences.

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As the Managing Director of Barco Southeast Asia, Ta Loong Gan is responsible for revenue and operational management at Barco Southeast Asia and Taiwan. While overseeing the business and operations focusing on the healthcare, enterprise and entertainment segments for Barco in the region, Ta Loong is also the Vice President for Immersive Experience for Barco across the Asia Pacific region.

ClickShare Conference to connect teams (Paid)

During the transition from a pandemic to an endemic, the workplace needs to transform accordingly. As restrictions ease up, some employees work in the office while others join us on the screens. The wireless conferencing solution, ClickShare Conference, allows my employees to adapt to the new normal of hybrid work arrangement. With more employees streaming back into the office while some remain working remotely, ClickShare Conference provides me with the flexibility of communicating and collaborating with my employees and our clients in the hybrid workplace.

The platform ensures the removal of potential communication hindrances in a hybrid workplace by seamlessly connecting my employees and the company to our clients.

weConnect for better productivity (Paid)

A subscription-based software solution, weConnect, is another useful tool of connectivity that allows my organisation to continue its productivity in a hybrid work arrangement. Designed for interactive, hands-on training and learning, it enables Barco’s employees to work together effectively even when not all are present together on-site.

Not only does weConnect feature transform my organisation to be digitally-ready in training and teaching experiences, it drives team bonding among my employees and allows us to meaningfully connect with our clients. Especially in times of COVID19, the morale of employees may be affected, weConnect is a platform that brings my employees together and boosts their rapport and support for each other. It goes beyond a business tool that enables productivity for our staff but for that element of human interaction to foster better employee relations and enhance their emotional well-being.

As a leader, this tool allows me to carry out town hall and executive leadership meetings effectively and expand and enhance our business significantly even with the limitations caused by the pandemic. Catching up sessions and touching base with clients is essential in keeping our business culture friendly and professional which allows our company to develop and sustain steady employee and client relations.

Visualisation for higher-quality meeting experiences (Paid)

Besides visualising virtual prototypes of designs that enable employees to adjust designs based on derived insights, visualisation tools such as LED and video walls are a way to breach the distance between on-site employees and remotely working ones. It transforms the workplace into a seamless, and conducive environment where my employees connect synchronously and collaborate effectively in a conducive hybrid workplace.

The flexibility that these visualisation tools provide for the hybrid workplace is reflective of our company’s vision to engage in digital workplace transformation in the face of changes in society and around the world.

Video walls and screens enable my organisation to facilitate higher-quality meeting experiences with partners, customers and employees. As the Managing Director of Barco, I need to execute impactful town hall meetings through clear visual communications. It is particularly useful when presenting at signing ceremonies as it provides me with the visibility of the facial expressions of participants in the meeting and helps me to understand the level of engagement among my audience.

Microsoft Teams as communication platform (Paid)

Unified communication platform, Teams helps to keep our employees on the same page with one another and keep our work timelines in sync among collaborators through meetings and chat conversations.

As we have varying natures of meetings, from official corporate to employee team bonding sessions, pairing it with ClickShare Conference and weConnect has provided our organisation with a more encompassing selection of video-conferencing platforms for meetings of different agenda. It is a platform of choice that provides our employees with an experience of efficient and effective collaboration through intuitive video conferencing.

Poly and Logitech (Paid)

Besides the aforementioned tools, hybrid and remote working are also facilitated with the use of Poly’s and Logitech video conferencing devices. Poly’s headsets, video, and audio-conferencing products are highly compatible with Barco’s video conferencing solutions, Clickshare Conference and weConnect. Simple and intuitive, it offers our employees tools that are compatible with our video conferencing needs. For instance, Poly Studio kits for Microsoft Teams equip my employees with top-notch audio and video tools that allow them to engage in highly productive and focused calls. I find that the quality of calls among employees and with clients should not be overlooked as it affects the quality of their work outcomes, which are derived from insights and ideation in their conversations.

In addition to Poly, Logitech video conferencing devices are adopted along with the use of Barco ClickShare Conference in improving workplace productivity and optimising meeting experiences. It allows our employees to adopt with ease the high-quality conferencing solutions for all room sizes that are compatible with many software platforms. It caters to the various conferencing needs of our employees, for wireless video meetings in any room, with the flexibility of choice in small, medium, or large configurations.