In countries around the globe, innovative startup companies are disrupting conventional ways of doing business. Singapore is no exception. This certainly has an impact on consumers, but what about workers in these industries? What startup companies make good employers? 

A recent LinkedIn study shows that some of the best places to work are at startups in Singapore in the health care, financial services and eCommerce sectors. The startup job scene 2022 in Singapore is likely to reflect the efforts of companies in LinkedIn’s list of 15 “Top Startups 2021”. These companies were evaluated by their performance in four areas—potential for employee growth, the interest of jobseekers in the firm, the company’s engagement levels with LinkedIn members, and engagement with its employees.  

The pandemic has forced professionals and entrepreneurs to rethink and change their way of living. Also, economic recovery has been uneven across the landscape of diverse industries. The situation has made many in the workforce reevaluate their choice of employers, and several have been taking the plunge into the exciting world of the startup economy.

Many of Singapore’s startups are experiencing employment growth, good member engagement, and attracting top talent by offering exciting jobs. Here are the top five startups in the country as ranked by LinkedIn:

Advance Intelligence Group

Advance Intelligence Group, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company, was founded in 2016 and employs a full-time staff of over 1,500 people.

The company applies (AI) to assist in developing the digital transformation of a broad range of businesses. It helps both underbanked and underserved consumers and enterprises gain access to credit and financial inclusion equitably by providing digital solutions to millions worldwide. 

The company prides itself on innovation and meaningful participation from its employees. Professionals with skill sets in finance, analytics, and Structured Query Language (SQL) are highly sought after by Advance Intelligence Group. Recent Series D funding in the sum of $400 million USD from Softbank and Warburg Pincus has left the company on an even more solid footing. 


Founded in 2017, Endowus became the first digital advisor for clients holding cash or monies in the Central Provident Fund (CPF) or the Supplementary Requirements Scheme (SRS). The fintech startup aims to empower people to manage their financial future. 

Endowus’ systems offer data-based wealth advising for building up personalised financial portfolios. The company aspires to educate people about finance and to attain their retirement goals.

The startup currently employs 75 full-time staff with job skills in software engineering and programming (using SQL, Java, Python, etc.) and is planning to expand into Hong Kong after receiving a funding boost of $23 million USD funding boost in April 2021.


Harnessing technology to create healthcare services platforms, Homage gives users flexible options to receive care at home, in the hospital, or online, living up to its slogan: “Care where you are”. 

Through its app, consumers can access physiotherapists, nurses, and other health professionals to complete a personalised care plan tailored to each individual’s status and requirements. Homage operates in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. With a recent injection of funding in the sum of $30 million USD, the company is ready for growth.

The telehealth startup debuted in 2016 and presently possesses a full-time headcount of 145 employees. It offers positions to registered nurses, homecare providers, and care specialists.


Gaming chair company Secretlab has sold its products in over 60 countries. As the pandemic’s work-from-home requirements burgeoned, the company has found its products in high demand. It garnered many awards from gaming tech reviewers, including one of its products being named “best gaming chair” in PC Gamer’s Hardware of the Year awards.

Secretlab, established in 2014, has grown to more than 200 full-time employees. The ideal candidate will possess skills in digital marketing or proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Aspire provides an all-in-one finance system for developing businesses, offering tools to help enterprises save money and time with borderless corporate cards, expense management and payment solutions. 

It delivers businesses financial apparatus, including money transfers and invoicing, with the ambition of becoming a “one-stop shop” assisting entrepreneurs in scaling up their business.

Founded in 2018, Aspire is home to 165 full-time staff and recently received a funding injection of $158 million USD. Qualified candidates for employment should possess skills in finance, banking, and data analysis. The company values building trust within the organisation and allowing team members to speak their minds while focusing first on customer needs.

These five startups in Singapore offer a refreshing change of pace for professionals looking for something different. Being a startup team member allows employees to make a significant impact on the growth and success of the company while offering an opportunity to learn, work and enjoy cross-cultural engagement in modern workspaces. Now is the time to join the startup job scene in 2022, to shake-up and elevate your career.