Running a fast-paced company can be challenging and a difficult task for most. Being able to juggle a stressful job coupled with a decentralised team can be a struggle. However, there are those that thrive in this environment. We are on a mission to find these people.

To find out more, we speak to Mathew Ratty about the tools he uses to help boost his productivity. Mathew is the CEO of TrafficGuard, a platform that provides comprehensive ad verification, measurement and fraud protection for brands, apps, agencies and ad networks. He brings with him seven years of experience in the digital ad tech industry.

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He is also an active technology investor, having invested in a large number of companies over the last 10 years. Mathew is also the CEO of Adveritas, and is responsible for leading the strategy of bringing Adveritas’s main product, TrafficGuard, to market whilst building out his C-level executive team.

TrafficGuard is a Google verification partner and has multiple integrations that enable the protection of ad spend for leading global businesses including unicorns like Rappi and GoJek; mobile ad agency, MUV; and eCommerce giants Bukalapak and Centauro.

Manage your inbound with HubSpot (Paid and free)

Hubspot is a helpful inbound marketing and CRM tool- and its pretty crucial to our sales and lead generation activities. Hubspot is an essential tool for us considering where we’re at as a business. We not only use it to extensively track our sales pipeline, but also our strategic growth. We have used many tools before, but I personally like the versatility that Hubspot offers. It allows for easier collaboration with the team, across various markets.

With Hubspot we can double down on data-driven strategies, as the tools provide accurate data with a trove of visualizations – that serves well in our business and sales planning/ projections. HubSpot enables me to manage all these tasks efficiently and is “the source of truth” for me.

As we are entering hypergrowth territory, it tells me the metrics I need to know.

Google Hangouts for better communication (Paid and free)

With the pandemic, WFH and virtual meetings have become a mainstay. Although the world is exploring hybrid work environments, virtual working will still be a significant part of our daily lives.

Google hangouts made it easier for us to come together as as a team and business- and really collaborate in these trying times. If there’s one thing we can collectively agree on, it’s the fact that the way we work has changed.

From virtual client sales calls, to team-building activities, our team uses Google Hangouts for everything! It’s super easy to use, provides a seamless experience, and is compatible with most of the applications we use.

As we have offices in different parts of the globe, Google Hangouts make it easy for them to reach me. I prefer conducting face to face meetings via video calls as it allows us to share our screens and explain concepts better.

Bring your contracts online with DocuSign (Paid)

As we are a truly digitally native business, streamlining our contract management digitally too was a no-brainer!

We have been using DocuSign for quite a while now, and have received positive feedback from the team and clients on its ease of use and flexibility. We primarily use it for service contracts with our clients and vendors.

I love how I can sign contracts on my phone or on the run after it’s been through legal review. This tool just saves so much time and it allows me to see if clients have opened and viewed the contract too.

It also allows you to track documents from your computer, mobile or tablets. Many people are also making the switch to electronic signatures these days and the possibility of misplacing documents is also reduced significantly.

Emarketer is a platform that serves as a source of information on how to operate in a digital world. It’s pretty much like an online library that enables me to find market data, statistics, and analysis regarding the digital marketing sector.

As a CEO, it’s extremely important for me to understand the market. Underlying data to me is everything. Macro trends and micro trends are vital in any industry you operate in. Hence it is imperative for us to have good reliable data and forecasts so we can make better investment decisions. Furthermore, this platform is great for us as it serves as a guide for us on where to allocate our research and development. I also love how reliable the information is, and very few clients would question your findings, if you ever referenced the statistics from eMarketer, due to its accuracy.

Evernote for synchronized note-taking (Paid and free)

It’s always a challenge when it comes to finding a great note taking application. Evernote enables you to create, organize and sync notes on multiple platforms. I feel like it’s an amazing application because it allows you to categorize your notes, and it’s also more visually compelling as compared to some applications I have used before.

Its also amazing because everyone in the team can share and collaborate on Evernote with each other, and it can also be supplemented with visuals which makes it more pleasant. As a CEO you live by the term “macro to micro” which means whilst you know the long term vision, you have a lot of micro elements you cannot forget about. Evernote tends to be a great reminder of what I need to do and get done as a priority. I think I can say it’s the best personal assistant I’ve had till date.