There’s nothing wrong with wanting to expand your target audience, in fact, this could prove to be very beneficial for your business.  When it comes to brands, their audience will eventually lose interest in them unless the brand grows as the audience grows. This includes incorporating the changes that are happening in the world and utilising it.  

Customers do appreciate when a brand grows with them, and this is why there are some brands that have had such a big fanbase for so long. But outside of your current audience, how can you expand?  In what ways can you achieve to grow a bigger customer base? Here’s what you need to know!

Start by figuring out why you want to expand your target audience

While there may be plenty of reasons why you’re interested in getting a bigger audience for your brand, it’s best to narrow down the reasons why. It can’t just be “to gain a bigger profit”, there needs to be concise reasoning behind it.  After you’ve listed out your reasoning for wanting to target a bigger audience, you can then come up with what demographic you’re interested in targeting.  Having pos software for your small business can help get you and your team to stay organised and communicate better on this matter.  

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In general, be specific on why you’re wanting to expand your audience and be specific on what demographic you’re hoping to target. Once you get that down, you’ll then be able to narrow down how you’re going to expand towards that new target audience.

Cultural identifiers

Cultural identifiers aren’t just about the location such as countries or regions, culture can extend much further than that and even be a bit niched down. So think about how your small business and the products/ services within your small business will be identified through the perspective of different cultures. What may be desirable for one culture may not have that same effect on another culture.

Age always plays a part

Age is going to play a major factor in the different ways you can and will be able to expand your target audience. Marketing to Millennials versus how you market to Gen-Zers and any other generation will vastly vary. While it’s true you can market to a general audience, going “general” isn’t going to get you very far. You’re going to want your audience to feel as if you’re directly reaching out to them and their age group.  So when you’re marketing to an age group, try to avoid going broad. The 18 to 24 age group is going to be vastly different from the 25 to 32 age group.

What does your new target audience actually like?

You’re going to need to get to know your new target audience and their likes, dislikes, and values. Getting to know your target audience and their actual interests can be major game-changers. It will make a huge difference in how you can engage with them and how they’ll engage with you. 

What should you do next?

The important thing to do is figure out which of these points are most relevant to your business. There’s no use in implementing solutions that are not suited to your business. Do some research and try to survey new segments of the audience to identify where you have potential.