In the fintech industry, things move at warp speed. The evolution of the industry creates the need for agile teams and always having a finger on the pulse. This wherein lies the challenge, as well as the growing opportunity.

To find out how entrepreneurs in this space manage to grow their business, we speak to Kelvin Chia, who is the newly appointed CEO of Aquariux. Prior to this appointment, Kelvin has held management roles in capital markets technology firms. Most recently, he was a Managing Consultant at QST in Asia and General Manager of CQG in China. 

Kelvin started his career at the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and has over 12 years of experience formulating business strategies, building subscription revenue, and cultivating B2B customer ecosystems.

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Aquariux is a financial technology company delivering software solutions as a service. The solution suite includes trading, payments, and remittance of traditional and digital assets. These solutions can be delivered as cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid infrastructure. Aquariux also provides professional services in blockchain integration. Aquariux was incorporated in October 2020 with its headquarters based in Singapore and is a member of the Singapore Fintech Association.

Slack for internal communication (Paid)

Slack is a communication and collaboration platform used by millions to align their teams, unify their systems and drive their businesses forward.

Our team uses Slack for internal comms as I travel rather often for work. Huddle, which is a feature that allows up to 50 participants to quickly hop on and facilitate discussions is a particularly useful feature for us to stay in touch and jump on quick discussions as we currently have approximately 30 employees and we are looking to expand both in Singapore as well as globally.

Understanding fintech trends with Finextra (Free)

I utilize Finextra as a tool to stay updated on fintech trends, read about key appointments in the industry, and any business deals announced. I find it useful for keeping track of fundraising activity in the fintech industry. There are other platforms as well, however, Finextra is my go-to read to get an idea of which segment in fintech is getting popular and from there, I’ll do my own research.

Google Workspace for file sharing (Paid)

Google Workspace comprises Gmail, Chat, Meet, Calendar; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services thus having everything in one space allows for a unified working experience.

We use Google Workspace for internal collaborative work. GoogleMeet for internal conference calls as well as virtual meetings with our clients. I find the user interface easy to navigate and having everything connected in one avenue helps me consolidate my work and stay updated with the team as well. Also, Google Calendar helps with organising my day-to-day tasks and meetings.

Manage tech projects with Jira (Paid)

As we are an agile team working on fintech solutions for our clients, Jira is a great tool for our software team to plan, track and release great software solutions.

It helps with keeping track of projects and initiatives and sets the goals and objectives that we need to meet at a specific timeline.

AQR trader to provide insight into market activity (Developed in-house)

AQR trader helps with understanding market activity as an in-house developed front-end trading application.

Being in the fintech industry, it is also important to be savvy about markets. AQR trader allows me to keep track of asset prices such as gold, silver, foreign exchange pairs and cryptocurrency market prices.