You could have a business in a wide variety of different industries, but if you don’t have a good level of traffic coming through your website, you could be struggling to gain orders and engagement with your brand. How can you encourage traffic on your website? There are several ways in which you can do so successfully. If you are struggling to encourage and retain traffic on your website, here are some of the things that you can do.

Improve your SEO

Could you be struggling to drive traffic because people are not finding your website? If you have poor SEO, your low traffic could simply be because your website is buried amongst your competitors. You need to take steps to improve your SEO as this will allow you to rise up the rankings of search engine results pages, making it easier for potential customers to find you with a more general search.

One of the easiest ways to do so is to target certain keywords connected to your brand. By using these throughout your site, you will hopefully see an improvement in your rankings. Don’t forget about local SEO too – it can be a very important part of attracting customers to you. Together with other SEO practices like creating backlinks, you will be taking valuable steps to encourage traffic on your site and keep things moving forward.

Use social media

Social media can be a massive help with many aspects of your business. When used correctly, it can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. If you post on social media with the aim of driving traffic through to your site, you have to make sure that you create the right post to do so.

You need to have a strong call to action at the end of the post with a link to your website. Use the post as a chance to tease something on your site and encourage that click. Something as simple as “read more on our site!” can work wonders when paired with the right post.

Check and monitor your progress

Make sure that you have some sort of website traffic checker set up so you can accurately measure any changes in traffic numbers you receive as you make changes to your strategy. It is one thing to make adjustments because you recognise that a change must take place, it is quite another to actively follow before and after so you can monitor the difference that has come about.

You should be performing regular checks of your website and other materials to ensure that you are driving the results you need for a healthy and sustainable business. Make sure that you are checking your website traffic as part of this – a low flow in traffic could be responsible for some of the other issues that you see with your business.

Work on the quality of your website

Of course, you also need to make sure that you have a good website waiting for customers when they decide to check you out. It is one thing to be able to direct traffic to your site – it is quite another to ensure that they stay there.

You need to make sure that they find a high-quality site waiting for them that is fully secure and loads quickly. Go through every aspect of your site. Are there links that go nowhere? Are there things that need to be tidied up? Take this as an opportunity to make your website the best you can be. Not only will this help with SEO in general, but it will also be just what you need to increase that crucial dwell time too.

Make adjustments when needed

This is likely to be a process that you work on for some time, and it could be a little while longer before you see any results. It is extremely rare that we make changes to improve traffic and then suddenly see a wealth of new visitors along with it. Though it does happen, it is more likely that you will see a steady improvement over time.

Due to this, you should make adjustments steadily over time. One thing might appear to work, and will then need some changes further down the line. Keep tabs on things as they evolve, and you will hopefully find some actions that will help you to continuously work on driving traffic to your brand.

Start Improving Traffic Today

You could have the best brand and a fantastic range of products to offer customers, but if there is no traffic to your site then you are just going to be passed over and left unable to push for sales. Above are some real and workable steps that could help you to work towards improving the traffic on your site.

Ensuring that you have that momentum through social media and SERPs to get people onto your site will always be key. However, you have to ensure that there is also a good site waiting to greet them too. Make the necessary improvements to encourage traffic to your site, and then monitor them closely to ensure that there is a change that you want to see.