Having witnessed a massive upswing in the adoption of educational technology during the pandemic, Filipino edtech startups are marching toward evolution and development. Thanks to a robust tech ecosystem where educators, students and parents recognise the benefits of using technology in the classroom and at home, the top edtech startups continue to thrive. 

With edtech Filipino startup game-changers bridging the nation’s education system’s existing gaps, we take a closer look at the country’s top 5 edtech startups and their impact on education. 


Providing an AI-powered educational management system for schools with students ranging from kindergarten to college level, Edusuite offers three products. Its K-12 platform allows administrators and teachers to manage day-to-day tasks, such as timetable planning, grading and student information. The parents/guardians portal provides grade access, announcements and a payment section for school fees. 

Philippines-based startups raise over US$1B in 2021 according to Foxmont Capital Partners and Boston Consulting Group’s Philippine Venture Capital Report 2022

The Uni platform is similar, in that it allows college admin to be contained in one place while providing students access to information on classes. The third product is a management tool for college admissions. 

By partnering with Bukas, a Filipino school financing provider, Edusuite can help make education more affordable and accessible for much of the population. In July 2019, the startup received a USD $235 thousand Angel investment and has used the funds to develop its product. 


For parents hoping to supplement their children’s English and Maths lessons, Edukasyon offers classes aimed at the K-12 demographic. Its Edge platform provides interactive lessons in the two subjects to help motivate learning and enhance educational success. Meanwhile, the Kindergarten Starter Pack, Booster and Group Classes options are also available, further expanding the platform’s learning opportunities. 

The company has a Finder programme to help older students learn about themselves, what courses best suit them, and prospective career paths they should pursue. Other tools include the Quests tab, which challenges students to complete tasks and win rewards and the Vision Board, where blog posts and educational articles are available. 

Edukasyon is a success story, with over 10 million website visits a year and over 900 thousand signed-up users. In 2020, faith in its potential was shored up by an undisclosed sum in a Series A funding round, bringing its total funds raised to $3.37 million USD. 

Avion School

As the demand for technology and the need for more software engineers continues to grow, Avion School brings coding skills to remote learners. Through its 12-week programme, aspiring developers learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Ruby on Rails through practical lessons, team projects and tuition from senior software engineers. 

One of its main selling points is its deferred payment scheme option.  It allows students to pay for the course only after they have secured employment, making it much more accessible for those wishing to find or change careers. They have also partnered with over 160 companies, offering graduates a chance to find employment quickly. 

Since its foundation in 2018, the Manila-based startup has received funding from VC firm Fourth Realm and Angel investors, including Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen. Its latest round generated USD $125 thousand from Y-Combinator in February 2021. 


With a mission to democratise learning through the provision of virtual labs, CloudSwyft is unique in the edtech industry. It works with some of the world’s biggest tech companies, governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to provide 24/7 accessibility to labs. It is currently the only company offering the education industry end-to-end, completely customisable virtual labs.

Its hybrid learning tools make remote access easier for students in universities, schools and any educational institution, and it works closely with all providers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. 

Founder Dann Angelo De Guzman is confident that the company can grow from its cash flow rather than seeking further outside investments from its latest round of funding in 2018, which included the WSI group, as it aims for a $10 million USD revenue milestone. 


Streamlining the delivery of courses is at the heart of the Lyon learning management system (LMS). The platform provides a personalised space for the delivery of online lessons and automates processes such as onboarding, content creation and payments. 

With over 20 different payment options and an easy-to-use interface, the LMS speeds up the process of launching and selling online classes. Aimed at those seeking to earn revenue from teaching or training, Lyon simplifies many of the industry’s time-consuming aspects through automation. The SaaS platform was founded in 2019 and has Amino Labs as a backer. 

Filipino edtech startups have a monumental opportunity to capitalise on the growing remote learning trend. As many of the world’s top edtech startups are discovering, the pandemic has escalated the move towards digital education and learning opportunities through innovative technology. These top 5 edtech startups in the Philippines have the potential to enter the ranks of global leaders and usher the country’s education into a new digital era.