Working in the design field and being a creative mind can take its toll, because creativity takes time to manifest into reality. How can you bring a beautiful design into realisation without having the proper tools.

To get a glimpse into this process and find out how you scale and build solutions that solve real world problems, we had a chance to Eric Lim from Davis Materialworks. Together with a group of full-stack experts, he built Scard, a digital business card to simplify and enhance the networking experience.

Scard is trying to change the way people network while at the same time considering eco-friendliness as it reduces businesses creating more waste and gets digitalised at zero cost.

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Eric is mind behind the parent company, Davis Materialworks, a visual communication company that has operated local operations for over 15 years, created and owns Scard. The company specialises in corporate branding, web design, and exhibition design.

The inspiration for Scard came about eight years ago when they were attempting to improve conventional printed business cards while also coming up with a simple and efficient solution to show your brand more quickly and conveniently at professional networking events.

The full design suite of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & XD (Paid)

I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD on a daily basis for my design work. This software is essential for creating high-quality designs. I am confident in using all of this software for my design work. Sometimes using software like this can save tons of time explaining to people that may not have the same vision as you.

I remember using the software to help a well-known firm with the colours of its corporate logo, as it had never before been known since day one, and they may have lost, or the designer didn’t deliver it. Not many businesses know that knowing the colour well and using them correctly can save money on all of the marketing collateral.

Scard for your networking (Free & Paid)

We developed Scard, and are using it personally for staff & company.

Scard has helped us save money on business cards, brochures, catalogues, and pitch decks by digitising everything for us, even though we still design and print these for our clients. It has also been beneficial to us in a variety of ways, connects with customers effortlessly, improves web traffics, service and product inquiries, search rankings, and social media outreach. It also provides many insights with profile analytics.

Grammarly to improve your business writing (Paid)

Grammarly is a writing assistant that helps me to write better and more accurate texts. It is a great tool for improving your writing skills. Because I’m writing so much on email, the website, periodicals, and corrections GPT-3 output, using Grammarly does come in handy.

Improve your productivity with ClickUp (Paid)

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform that brings teams, tasks, and tools together in one place.

I use this to keep track of my work and the development of our web applications and website development. I also use it to spark new ideas with my developer team.

Stripe to handle digital payments (Paid)

Businesses today has changed; it is no longer about having a station cashier waiting for payment or hiring someone to chase for outstanding payment. We’ve learned a lot about Stripe as we changed our business to focus on digital during COVID-19. We get to know Stripe, a payment gateway provider that takes care of all the behind-the-scenes details after the consumer pays you, such as check payment validity, fraud, timestamping, device, operating system, and accounting. We are advanced users since we created our own system utilising their API and webhook connections.

We also integrate Stripe for our customers, allowing them to receive payments from all over the world. I’ve always advised our clients that a great firm should not prevent their customers from paying them, however small their company is. All solution and payment options must be accessible at all times!