Gaming with PCs has been one of the best ways to enjoy video games. However, it can be annoying when your PC lags in your favourite game. If that happens, you don’t need to scream. Just follow these simple tricks and tips to enjoy your game without interruption on your PC again.

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5 PC game tricks and tips to know

Without much ado, let’s jump into the subject matter.

Optimize your Controller

Optimizing your mouse before playing your PC game goes a long way in making things easier. For FPS players, optimizing your mouse can make your aiming better and faster. You just need to turn off mouse acceleration. You don’t want to be struggling to fix your aim on a furious target or enemy in the game.

Quickly go to your PC setting or Control Panel to optimize your mouse. Navigate to the Mouse setting. Under “Related Setting,” select “Additional Mouse Setting.” Click on “Pointer Option” and uncheck “Enhance Pointer Precision.” This makes the mouse much faster. 

You can now optimize the in-game control settings to suit your gameplay. Depending on the PC you’re using, finding your mouse setting may be quite different. Alternatively, you can hit the windows button and search for Mouse settings. 

Configure your Refresh rate

A higher refresh rate on the display screen of your PC means you can see all 120 frames/sec of games you are playing. Yet many people with high refresh rate screens don’t care about making simple changes. 

To improve your refresh rate for the best gameplay experience, go to the Display Settings of your PC. Right-click on an empty space on your desktop to find the Display Setting. Scroll down to Advanced Display Settings and click on it. 

Under Refresh Rate, you can increase it to a higher rate. On some PCs, 60.000 Hz is the default rate. You can increase it or leave it that way.

Turn off Windows Game Mode

When Game Mode is on, Windows optimizes your PC for play. This can affect your favourite game. Despite being an automatic feature from Microsoft, turning it off allows your game to run on its original settings without forceful optimization.

To turn off Windows Game Mode, simply hit your windows button and search for Game Mode in the search bar. Select the first result, which is the Game Mode Settings. Tap on the On and Off Switch to turn it off (if it’s already on). 

Run your games on Full Screen

Running your PC games on full screen is a trick to improve its performance. Some games are set to run on Full Screen by default. You don’t need to change it. On the other hand, if the game is set to run on Windowed Borderless full screen, you can change it to just Windowed full screen. It’s much better playing your games in such a screen type.

Also, try not to tamper with the Aspect Ratio of any game you’re running. Allow the games to run on their default ratio. You don’t want your gameplay to appear rectangular because the width is smaller than the height or vice versa.

Check if the game is compatible with your PC

Before you download any PC game, it’s crucial to check its system requirements. Doing so lets you know if your PC is compatible with the game. 

If a game is compatible with your PC, the gameplay experience will be top-notch. Meanwhile, if you’re forcing the game to run on your PC when it’s incompatible, you’ll be frustrated. 

To check your computer specifications, open your File, Explorer. Navigate to This PC (on some computers, you’ll see My Computer) and right-click. Navigate to Properties at the bottom of the Options menu and click on it.

 You’ll see all information about your computer. That way, you can know whether it’s compatible with a game.


You’ve been playing PC games but never thought of this, right? Optimizing your mouse undoubtedly gives gamers, especially FPS players, the best gameplay experience. Configuring your refresh rate improves performance too.

If you want to enjoy your game without interruptions or to buffer, it’s recommendable to turn off Windows Game Mode. It forces optimization on your games. More importantly, always run your games on Full screen and check if your game is compatible with your PC. 

With these tricks and tips, PC gaming will take a new stage in performance.