Smartphones are an essential tool in a highly interconnected world. People use their phones all the time to study, work, socialise, manage their finances, and consume entertainment, among other important everyday activities. By caring for your phone properly and ensuring that it is able to reach its maximum service lifespan, you’re securing your capability to function in a highly digitalised society like Singapore. Plus, you’re also saving yourself from the cost of having to buy a new phone every now and then. 

There are different ideas as to how long a mobile phone’s service lifespan should be. While tech brands tend to release new models annually, this doesn’t mean the high-quality but cheap phones in Singapore can be quickly replaced by a new unit in just a year or two. People tend to customise and use their phones for a few years before upgrading. Also, many see the act of retiring a completely functional phone as a waste of resources. If you share the same views and you’re keen on maximising the lifespan of your phone, you can consider the tips we’ll share in this short guide. 

Here is a 3 step roadmap to proficient digital acceleration: identify, implement, iterate

Keep the device clean and protected

People judge the state of their belongings by the way that the items look. As such, more than maintaining their functionality and responsiveness, phones should also be visually appealing for as long as possible. To ensure your mobile phone lasts longer, it’s important to keep it clean and protected. From the get-go, make every effort to protect your phone against physical damage that can mire its appearance. You can do this by using a high-quality screen protector that can safeguard the device against scratches and cracks. Additionally, investing in a sturdy case provides your phone with adequate protection from accidental drops and impacts. It’s also good practice to regularly clean the device using a microfiber cloth that helps remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints while being soft enough to not scratch the phone or screen protector’s surface, keeping it in optimal condition.

Optimise battery usage

The battery is a crucial component of your mobile phone, and in many phone models, it’s not possible to remove the battery without damaging the device. It’s a must then, to care for your phone’s battery to extend the lifespan of the entire unit. One of the ways to do this would be to avoid overcharging your phone. Unplug it once it reaches a full charge to prevent battery degradation. Also, always use the original charger to ensure proper voltage regulation. If the charger needs to be replaced, read the manual that specifically applies to the model of the phone released in Singapore and find reputable certified alternatives. Additionally, minimising battery-draining activities like excessive gaming or streaming can reduce strain on the battery and extend its overall lifespan.

Update software regularly

Just like computers, mobile phones also receive software updates to fix ongoing issues and address security weaknesses. You have to periodically check if your phone or the apps you use have updates and ensure that these updates are installed properly. Installing the latest updates and patches keeps your mobile phone running smoothly and helps deter malicious entities that might be trying to exploit known weaknesses in phones and other mobile devices. By keeping your phone and apps up to date, you are protecting your personal information and device from potential threats.

Manage storage and memory

Aside from updating your phone’s software, managing storage and memory is crucial in maintaining the device’s optimal performance. Make it a habit to evaluate the applications and files that you are storing on your phone. If you haven’t used an app or file in a while and you don’t really see yourself using it in the future, consider deleting it or moving it to a different digital storage to free up space in your phone. This prevents your phone from slowing down, and it also helps you ascertain that you have enough space for new photos, videos, and other digital content. Consider utilising cloud storage or external memory options as well to offload content and further free up space on your phone, ensuring it runs efficiently. 

Be mindful of water and extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures can adversely affect your mobile phone’s lifespan. Avoid exposing your digital devices to excessive heat or cold as it can damage the battery and impact overall performance. Ideally, you should keep your device in a moderate-temperature environment, and avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or near sources of heat. If you’re going swimming or will be doing activities in the water, be sure to protect your phone adequately, too. Though many phones today are splash- and waterproof to a degree, it’s still better to take precautions when using digital devices near bodies of water. 

Handle the phone with care

Finally, treat your mobile phone gently to prevent physical damage. Avoid subjecting it to physical stress or accidental drops. Try not to make a habit of throwing it around or dropping it haphazardly even on soft surfaces like your bed or sofa, for example. Ensure a secure grip while using the device, and consider using protective straps or grip-enhancing accessories to reduce the risk of accidents.

By implementing these practical tips, you can significantly extend the service lifespan of your mobile phone and wait a bit more before you need to buy its replacement. At the same time, in case your phone’s ready to retire, remember to dispose of it responsibly through recycling or donation options. In Singapore, there are several options available for proper disposal, including authorised collection points and recycling programs. By choosing these alternatives, you contribute to reducing electronic waste,  conserving valuable resources, and preserving the environment.