Startups are now as commonplace as a convenience stores in a big city, but each one has a different story, solution and impact. So, with that in mind, we speak to Liang Yit Wen, co-founder and CTO, of security and response startup CODE7. He oversees the company’s technology development as they recently launched their mobile app into the market.

Yit Wen is an experienced technology founder and expert with experience running businesses as well as getting his hands dirty as a developer. To share his experience and insight, we have Yit Wen share which tech solutions he uses regularly to build his solution.

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Code7 aspires to raise Malaysia’s safety and security standards to the next level, putting everyone’s safety and well-being first. Anyone who downloads and subscribes to the platform can use the mobile app to request unlimited community response services at very low rates.

CODE7 is an application that offers unique features such as hassle-free, Respond-to-Protect (RTP) services if there is even a suspicion of a potential threat, where customers can request home protection and scheduled patrolling whenever they require extra protective measures.

Users will have access to real-time location tracking of Code 7 responders, as well as two-way communication with the responders in the event of an emergency requiring immediate assistance. This feature is especially useful when customers are unable to provide their location or are in imminent danger.

Here is what Yit Wen had to share.

Automate your day-to-day with (Paid)

This portal is used as a visual and intuitive interface for organising and managing tasks and projects. Entrepreneurs can create boards, columns, and cards to represent different projects, tasks, and milestones. This allows for easy tracking of progress, assignment of responsibilities, and setting deadlines, ensuring that projects stay on track and goals are met. It allows us to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks through its automation features. We can create custom automation to trigger actions, send notifications, update statuses, and streamline workflows. Automation reduces manual effort, increases efficiency, and ensures consistency in project management processes.

CODE7 Protection helps provide on-demand response and security (Paid and Free)

Paid users will be able to utilise the response services such as stranger approach, loitering, CCTV and alarm alerts, OKU assistance, and elderly assistance without any limitation (provided that these are genuine cases) throughout the subscription period. They can also subscribe to On Demand services such as schedule security checks, on-site guarding, bodyguard, security escort, chauffeur services, OKU services and airport transfer, on a pay-per-usage basis. The free version offers access to news articles and emergency contact numbers.

Manage your codebase with GitHub (Free)

This tool manages and tracks changes to a programmer’s codebase over time. A centralised repository for hosting code, making it easily accessible to the development team. It allows team members to clone, fork, and collaborate on projects. The team can document project-specific information, including installation instructions, usage guidelines, and troubleshooting tips. This helps in capturing and sharing knowledge within the team and with external contributors or users. We used this tool to issue tracking that enables teams to create and manage tasks, bugs, and feature requests. Developers can open issues, assign them to team members, track progress, and close them when resolved. This helps in organising and prioritising work, keeping everyone informed about ongoing tasks, and fostering effective project management.

Xero handles your accounting needs (Paid)

This cloud software provides comprehensive financial management tools, allowing us to efficiently handle our accounting needs. We can easily create and send professional invoices to clients. It can customise invoice templates, set up recurring invoices for regular clients, and track invoice statuses. Xero also enables online payment options, allowing clients to pay invoices directly through the platform, improving cash flow and reducing payment delays. It can track income, expenses, and cash flow, manage invoices and bills, and reconcile bank transactions. Xero’s intuitive interface and automation features simplify financial tasks, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

It offers robust reporting capabilities, providing us with insights into a business’s financial health, and generating reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more. Xero’s reporting tools help us understand our financial performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to drive business growth.

Streamline communications with Microsoft Teams (Free)

This tool is used as a centralised hub for team members to collaborate on projects and tasks. They always create channels for different projects or departments, allowing team members to share files, have discussions, and work together on documents in real time. Teams facilitate seamless collaboration and reduce the need for scattered communication channels. We do our discussion in either method of one-on-one or group conversations with team members, fostering quick and efficient communication. Teams also support virtual meetings, enabling us to conduct team meetings, client meetings, or presentations with screen sharing, whiteboarding, and recording capabilities. Teams integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Entrepreneurs can create, edit, and share files within Teams, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.