As 2023 ticks by, mental health issues continue to emerge as a concern in Southeast Asia. The region’s diverse and dynamic landscape has witnessed a concerning rise in mental health challenges, affecting millions of lives, with stress, anxiety, and depression being among the most prevalent mental illnesses. 

Addressing these issues has become imperative, and mental health startups are stepping up to the plate, leveraging innovative technologies to offer hope and support to those in need. 

Here are some of the startups in Southeast Asia to watch out for who are working in the well-being and mental wellness sector.


In Indonesia, pre-pandemic, approximately 9 million people suffered from depression, and the scarcity of psychiatrists has created a significant challenge in meeting the population’s mental health needs. The situation was further aggravated by COVID-19, which led to prolonged periods of isolation and uncertainty, intensifying the problem. 

To address this pressing issue, Teduh, an Indonesian app-based platform, provides a range of self-help courses and therapy programs to cater to psychological and personal developmental needs. Users can access various services on the app, including teleconsultations with psychologists, mood trackers, meditation exercises, and self-help courses. 

Since its launch, Teduh has already attracted over 6,000 users. At the end of 2022, the startup secured a pre-seed round of funding from an angel investor. With these newly acquired funds, Teduh plans to continue enhancing its app and has ambitious plans for international expansion.


Established in 2017, Naluri is a Malaysian digital health solution platform that predicts, prevents, and manages cardiometabolic and mental health conditions. Its innovative approach combines human-led and AI-augmented digital health coaching, aiming to transform the lives of individuals at risk of or dealing with chronic and mental health issues. It caters to more than 75 leading employers across various regional industries, including financial services, oil and gas, and aviation.

Naluri successfully raised USD 7 million in a pre-series B funding round led by Thailand-based real estate developer Pruksa Group with participation from Bertelsmann Investments and M Venture Partners. The funds will be used for strategic expansion into Thailand, capitalising on Pruksa Group’s existing businesses in digital health technology and Visit Hospitals. Additionally, Naluri aims to strengthen its operations in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.


Another Indonesian-based startup, Riliv, is an integrated health application with online counselling and meditation services. Since its foundation, the startup has been working to help thousands of users achieve better psychological well-being. The startup has also partnered with companies that want to provide such services for their employees.

The company has raised an undisclosed sum in seed funding. East Ventures led the round, with participation from Benson Capital, Sankalpa Ventures, Medisage Singapore business manager Shweta Shrivastava and Telkom Indonesia’s Indigo acceleration program. The startup will use the fresh capital to expand its mental health services to a broader range of sectors, such as the general public, that require integrated health services.


Established in 2017, Ooca is a pioneering mental health tech startup based in Thailand. It made its mark by introducing telemedicine for consultations with psychiatrists and psychologists through a user-friendly app. This innovative approach allows users to have video calls with mental health professionals at their convenience, aligning perfectly with the demands of modern lifestyles that prioritise mental well-being. As of today, Ooca has amassed an impressive user base, exceeding 180,000 individuals across the country.

In a recent milestone, Ooca successfully concluded its Series A funding round in partnership with Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC (BDMS). With this new funding and collaboration, the startup has the necessary resources to expand its services within the mental wellness vertical. This expansion enables it to accompany its clients through a broader range of stages in their mental health journeys.

Safe Space 

Safe Space is a regional B2B digital mental healthcare provider and ecosystem headquartered in Singapore. Its primary mission is to offer swift and affordable access to high-quality mental health therapy care, both online and offline, while emphasising preventive education for its clients.

The platform facilitates seamless connections between patients and therapists through its in-app system, enabling patients to schedule therapy appointments anywhere worldwide. In May 2021, Safe Space achieved a notable milestone by securing USD 480k in funding across two funding rounds.

A promising future

Mental health startups in the region are undoubtedly a growing sector. As technology continues to advance and mental health awareness gains momentum, startups in Southeast Asia are well-positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the region’s future of mental health care. 

As people navigate the challenges of the modern world, innovative solutions offer hope and support to countless individuals seeking improved mental well-being.