AI can legally make money for you in many ways. The list is exhaustive and is as endless as your imagination. However, there are some methods that are becoming more popular as AI is spreading out mostly into web-based ventures such as content generation and ChatBots.

Speeding up and enhancing your processes

One of the key uses for AI has always been its speed. For example, AI can analyze a document in around 2.4 seconds and can process data billions of times faster than the human brain. Therefore, AI can help you enhance your entire workflow in a professional capacity if you handle documents. For example, Ontra Synapse AI is superior at assisting with investment banking automation for improved NDA analysis, faster negotiations, and reduced expenses.

AI can legally make money with generated content

One of the most controversial uses for AI is generated content. There are many reasons for this, but some of the most common are copyright issues, being paid for work you didn’t actually do, and AI being used to take work away from skilled people, all of which are part of the current Hollywood writer’s strike. However, AI can assist you with material for your own blog, sales, and creative pursuits. ChatGPT is great for these, and you can use it for outlining content ideas.

Developing a blog with promotional material

Blogging is a fun and creative way to indulge in something you care about. But it takes time and actually costs quite a bit of money to do it well. So, of course, it helps to monetize your blog eventually. But with what and how? Well, AI can give you pretty solid ideas and can even analyze trends for you to capitalize on. You can then use this data to search for affiliate programs and services that will generate income for your site, with enough traffic, of course.

Get AI to design an online course

Online courses are a big thing these days. And you don’t need to be accredited to design and sell one. And AI can even make one for you for popular courses. Today, these include:

  • Training and information about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain.
  • How to invest money and trade on the open stock markets.
  • Graphic design and video production for social media and YouTube.
  • Arts and crafts like photography, painting, knitting, and sewing.
  • Health, fitness, and personal development and growth workshops.

Today (2023), these are among the most in-demand courses people are actively looking for. AI can help you quickly develop reading material that you can use as a baseline and pad out.

Streamline Your coding workflow

Coding is a common thing these days and is no longer as mysterious as it once was. That being said, while anyone can learn to code, not all of us can master it. But with AI tools, that doesn’t need to be a problem anymore. As an employed coder, you will be expected to have a high degree of knowledge. However, you can use AI to assist you with tedious algorithms as a freelancer. AI can generate scripts very quickly and can assist you with code documentation.

AI can legally make money with chatBots

One of the most widespread uses for AI today is ChatBots. You may have even interacted with an AI Chatbot and not know it. A common example is a messaging app on a website. These are often AI impersonating a human and are so good it can be hard to tell the difference. If you are somewhat good at coding and know how to program AI, you can have AI assist you in creating ChatBots. You can then sell these to companies that require customer service bots.

Learn About AI and Teach It to Others

Just like basic IT is now a standard part of almost everyone’s lives, it is reasonable to assume that AI will be soon, too. AI is everywhere and growing at a rapid pace. From content generation to driving our cars, it is believed that the world will be all but run by AI by 2050. Right now, you have a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor on the most significant advancement in human technology since Tim Berners Lee used the internet to create the World Wide Web. 


Getting more work done and faster is one way AI can legally make money for you based on its analysis speed. Yet the generative tools for AI can assist you with blog content, creative design, and course development. And with AI’s dawn, you can learn about it now to teach later on.