There is a pressing need to upskill in today’s tech-driven economy, where traditional businesses are either losing their relevance or new opportunities are popping up on an almost daily basis. While this might be a good thing depending on which side of the argument you lie on, the truth is that the workforce is facing a series of challenging questions over time.

And as we know, time is a luxury that few can afford to squander on lengthy learning endeavours. A recent survey conducted by the University College Sedaya International (UCSI) Poll Research Centre among Malaysians reveals a stark reality: nearly 75% of respondents find themselves extending their work hours, and for 57%, this is a weekly ritual.

So, how does one upskill in today’s society? We decided to ask Celine Ting, Co-founder and Managing Director of OpenAcademy, about the potential of microlearning in Malaysia. The ed-tech company is based in Malaysia and Hong Kong, bringing together local leading industry practitioners to share practical, real-world learning programs for students, startups, business owners, teams and more.

Will ChatGPT disrupt the accounting industry in Malaysia?

OpenAcademy offers a user-friendly, mobile app that employs microlearning principles. This platform allows individuals to take 5-minute lessons and upskill on the go, covering a wide range of topics including digital marketing, website optimisation, content creation, data management and more. The lessons are delivered by local industry experts, making learning more convenient and engaging.

Find out what else Celine had to share.

OpenAcademy screenshot
The OpenAcademy platform

Could you explain what OpenAcademy offers?

Sure! OpenAcademy is a learning platform that enables communities to be able to learn directly from industry practitioners across SEA through bite-sized video content via our mobile app called the OpenAcademy app. The platform offers content such as digital marketing, leadership, market research, and even insight directly from experts in the industry suitable for SMEs, business owners, and university students. 

What would most users be able to accomplish after completing a programme or course?

We are big believers in learning something new in under 5 minutes. The content on the platform is curated in a way that allows users to accomplish continued learning distributed in bite sizes. Users will be able to gain insights directly from the people who are doing the work or experts who have made it. From successful F&B owners to digital marketers who have managed multinational clients in Southeast Asia, these are some practitioners users will learn from. In the next phase, we are also looking towards more structured learning with accreditation and certification for future courses by establishing partnerships with universities and companies that want to support the upskilling initiative.

How large is the addressable market in the country? (provide as much information as possible)

There are about 1.15 million SMEs across Malaysia alone, they make up more than 97% of Malaysia’s businesses and deliver 38.2% of their GDP. Currently, the government is also pushing for upskilling and training initiatives for SMEs and we want to be part of that movement! 

Being able to upskill is critical, but how receptive is the Malaysian job market to people looking to pivot to another industry or role?

The number has definitely increased over the years, especially during the pandemic, when people were forced to pivot or change their roles during that difficult time. Because of that though, it has become more of a norm and encouraged people to be more open about their pivoting journey. Whilst that is a good thing, the discovery and upskilling process after pivoting is definitely something that is still a challenge for many who are looking to pivot, and we want to be part of that support system. 

Which industries are the most popular amongst your users?

The most popular industries amongst our users are mainly the FMCG, F&B, Insurance, and media industries. 

What’s next for OpenAcademy?

OpenAcademy is looking to push the OpenAcademy app further to other countries across Southeast Asia, to be able to connect the people of SEA to learn and upskill directly from industry practitioners in bite sizes.