The property technology segment, also known as proptech, is booming in Southeast Asia, with companies developing innovative and disruptive solutions for the real estate industry. The sector increasingly uses software, applications, websites, platforms, and others to help search, locate, analyse, trade, or manage properties. The global PropTech market was worth USD 20651.75 million in 2022 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 17.04% through 2028. 

With the region’s population increasing and investors providing financial backing for well-performing startups, it is reasonable to expect that there will be significant demand for homes, land, or commercial properties. Thus, founders are developing mobile applications to make it easier for customers to access their business solutions.

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Here are six proptech apps that developers, owners, renters, and homebuyers in Southeast Asia should consider using:

iProperty Malaysia

Search platform iProperty Malaysia offers property guides, sub-sale transaction data and pricing, sales and rental promotions, and a home loan eligibility indicator tool. The company has a free app available in the Apple and Android stores with 3.9- and 3.8-star ratings, respectively. 

Users can search over 200,000 properties to find new rentals or real estate for sale in Malaysia or access agent and developer directories. Moreover, its search function allows owners and homebuyers to filter their results by property type, area, cost, number of rooms, and more. Once they have identified the building or unit they want to acquire, they can calculate the mortgage payments and contact the seller.

In 2021, fellow real estate giant PropertyGuru Group acquired iProperty Malaysia for an undisclosed sum. Singapore

The map-based search engine Singapore enables users to find properties and real estate for sale or rent. It has filter options for price ranges, number of rooms, location, and more. The free Android and iOS apps have 3.9- and 4.0-star ratings, respectively. The app allows people to check over 100,000 apartments, homes, condos, and commercial buildings and shortlist their choices. 

Additionally, it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and anyone looking for a place can calculate the mortgage for each listing they find. Singapore has raised over USD 11 million this year from investors like Gaw Capital, OCBC NISP Ventura, and Endeavor Indonesia. 

Indonesia’s enables users to review over 140,000 locations on its platform for houses, apartments, commercial areas, land, and shops. Its real estate app is available for free on the Google and Apple stores. The mobile application provides an excellent search experience and ensures easy sign-in and access across various devices. Furthermore, people can connect with agents or share their dream property with their loved ones via email or Facebook.’s app has a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which shows the quality of options available to users. Its interface allows faster browsing and instant results that update using the pull-down feature. Plus, scrolling down brings more listings to view.


Filipino company Lamudi is an online real estate classified website for renters and buyers to find properties out of over 700,000 listings worldwide. The easy-to-use platform is available in three countries: the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico. Moreover, its portal enables users to check over 1000 new listings daily, filter their search results, and directly contact agents in the area.

Lamudi was acquired in 2020 by Dubai-based Dubizzle Group. It has a free iOS and Android app with a rating of 4.3 and 3.7, respectively. The application enables fast and straightforward custom searches and provides high-resolution property images to make it easier to compare with other listings. It also has flexible contact options and real-time alerts and notifications.

Property Cube Vietnam

Property management solution Property Cube Vietnam has a free dedicated mobile application on the Google and Apple Play stores. The company caters to landlords, tenants, residents, and investors by streamlining operations affecting user experience. For example, it makes communicating with property managers simpler for end users.

Furthermore, the platform enables you to book amenities, conduct surveys, manage facilities, provide feedback, and more. As part of the globally recognised property company Savills, it has access to the expertise and research knowledge from 70 countries worldwide backing it. 

Land | real estate super app

Finally, homebuyers in Southeast Asia should consider the Land | real estate super app. It lets users find auctions, properties, and rooms in Malaysia and Singapore. The platform contains 500,000 listings and 20,000 summaries, ensuring subscribers can search and discover the best rentals and other real estate options. The portal’s proptech interface is also straightforward, displaying all the menus needed to access auctions and other rooms.

The proptech apps discussed above represent top-notch solutions; however, they are only available in specific countries. Renters, homebuyers, owners, and other property stakeholders must check their real estate ecosystems in the country they wish to invest in to uncover the best companies implementing property technology into their operations. 

Doing so will ensure the industry continues to grow and inspire other innovative businesses to develop and push the industry further into the digital era.