New startups pop up every single day in the region and even we find it difficult to keep track of them all. The problem is you are not just competing in your industry, you are competing with the literal flood of marketing that consumers are force-fed every single minute of every day.

The biggest issue really is your considerably smaller budget (or $0 budget) compared to almost every single other brand.

So here are a few tips that should be helpful.


Focus on your target audience

The most important point is to focus on the people you know are most likely to buy something, or become part of your community. A simple example would be a basketball apparel company trying to gain market share. They probably wouldn’t market to 50-year-old bankers, but rather look at a younger audience with an interest in the NBA.

So, zero in on those customers who will help you gain market share and traction. Maybe this target audience is made up of initial adopters, who you feel will buy your product or they might have connections within the industry.

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Partner with established brands

This isn’t easy, we know. However, you gain recognition and validation from a great partnership.

Select a business that you like – ideally a setup which offers complimentary services so you can refer them. This can be a marketing partnership or even a channel partnership for lead generation.

Communicate with your followers

Use social media to connect with your followers and to engage with them. Your followers are your future customers. Make them feel valuable to you and the brand, keep them close at all times.

Engage them in both the good and the bad. So complaints can also be addressed on social media, but be careful and take it offline when it starts to escalate.

Incentivise sharing

Offer your followers if they just tweet about your service or product or share your post on Facebook. Even give them a discount if they like all your social media profiles.

This is a great way to increase your brand visibility and cost-effectively reach out to a larger community.

Pro-tip: Setting up a contest on social media is a great way to drive sharing and increase visibility.

Content really matters

This is crucial for every brand. Developing branded quality content is one of the best ways to market your newly launched startup. It is worth investing or training a great content writer.

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Branded content is a fantastic way to open discussions about your industry, issues with it, as well as provide insight into key aspects of your market. Avoid making your content extremely promotional, but focus on providing real value.

Create a strong social media presence

This is a tough one because it takes time and commitment. However, investing in creating and maintaining your social media platforms is crucial for a new startup.

Take advantage of these free content platforms to share your brand identity, story and interesting pieces of content. It is a great way to reach out to potential customers.

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