Here’s our regular dose of simple, but effective tips and tricks for that busy entrepreneur or anyone looking to get better at their life.

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We put together some simple ways to improve your ability to learn and retain relevant information.

1. Break down the new information

A smart phone displaying the Facebook page and scrabble tiles forming the words “social media”

Try to look at information the same way you would solve a jigsaw puzzle. Review and visually assess it in different ways. This allows you to discover underlying principles faster and digest the information faster and more effectively.

We approach news articles and PR pitches in that way. We look at the information from multiple angles to see if it is worth covering or doing an interview.

2. Never stop learning

A woman sitting on her bed in jeans looking at several books and magazines in Milan

Complacency can be the main barrier to learning, especially if it hinders us from learning something new.

Read a lot. It force-feeds you content and potential new ideas, which is beneficial to learning. Never stop.

3. Risks can help the process of learning


Push your boundaries when it comes to learning. Don’t know much about eCommerce, start something small and gain real-world experience. It isn’t easy, but then again nothing worth achieving is easy.

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If you’re not able to invest that much time, you need to remember that dreaming big isn’t a bad thing. So, in business or life, taking risks pushes you to try and experience new things.

4. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity

Failure is inevitable. The moment we Asians start to realise that, we might actually be able to talk about it.

Understand and embrace your failure, so that you learn, grow and adapt beyond that. When we first started Tech Collective, we used

5. Stay focused at all times

Identify what you want to excel at, break it down into small components and then focus on learning about those key aspects. By staying focused you can be efficient in how you spend your resources or time and effort when learning something new.