The whole point of Linkedin is to be noticed and engage with clients, prospects and people who may want to hire you. This is why you need to ensure your profile is not just regularly updated, but also stands out.

Here are 6 social media tips from a company that’s been there and done that

So sit tight, strap in and let’s dive straight into it all.

First of all, let’s look at the statistics. LinkedIn was the:

  • Top social network for steering traffic to business websites.
  • Steered more traffic to B2B blogs than Facebook, Twitter and Google + together.
  • Top-ranked network by 93% marketers as an effective lead generation tool.

Other stats that matter:

  • In 2018 over 146 million US business professionals possess a Linkedin account
  • There are 546 million global users of the platform
  • The average number of connections for each Linkedin user is 400

How to create an effective profile

Untitled design
Guess which one is more professional as a profile photo
  • Be presentable and professional: Profiles need a photo and it needs to be a good one.
  • Be descriptive with your headline, it matters. It’s the first thing people will look at when they access your profile.
  • Make sure you tell your story through your experience, show your effectiveness clearly.
  • Personalise Your Linkedin Web Address – Design a URL that closely matches your name e.g.[firstname.lastname]
  • Share often – People who contribute 2-5 times a day witness an increase in engagement and profile views. Become a source for great material. Put rich media into your profile. Have an opinion about things and share knowledge.
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups. Show your expertise through engagement in the groups.

Let’s break it down further

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Professional Headline

Located just under your name, this section allows you describe who you are and what you do in 120 characters. Eg. Mark Johnson, Head of Sales at Google


Use the description field of the Experience Section. You can use 1000 characters in this area to list down your keywords. When you describe what you and your company does, these keywords will be very effective. The description section of your Experience is very important with Linkedin’s search algorithm.


Try to use as much of the 2000 character Summary Field to explain who you are and what you do. Ensure that what you choose to list down, will be of interest to your prospective clients.


Last, but not least, at the bottom of your profile under Additional is the Interests Section. You can list your keywords here. Listing 5 or more skills in your profile will get you up to 17 times more profile views.

The LinkedIn algorithm at work

If you choose the right keywords in the four sections, you will increase the chances of your profile appearing when someone does a search for them. Make sure you and not your competition are found by prospective customers.


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