There is a bit more to LinkedIn than generating leads to building a talent pipeline. If you use it properly, LinkedIn can help your business get ahead and scale as well. So while many companies have a presence on LinkedIn, they aren’t taking full advantage of their situation.

We thought it would be interesting to speak to SYNC CEO, Terng Shing Chen, about this and how he would advise companies to use LinkedIn to build their businesses.

Publish original articles

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Content continues to be king everyone. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s high engagement factor and how original content can go viral in a business community. We can forget about memes and cat videos on LinkedIn, so you’ve got a higher chance of getting your business content seen by the right people.

“We help our clients develop original content that showcases their unique viewpoints or strong opinions. This generates conversation and LinkedIn is a great platform to both share and engage your audience,” shared Terng Shing.

Be a LinkedIn superhero

Join and participate in groups

Besides publishing your own LinkedIn content, Terng Shing highly encourages businesses to leverage other people’s content as well.

“Ask questions and make comments on topics and articles that other people share,” he says. “Provide insight and value where you can, so you can gain some attention as someone who understands the industry or issue well. This can actually lead to connections and conversations that you want to have.”

Create video content

LinkedIn has made video a must-have and there’s no need to spend a ton of money to make this happen because a simple selfie-style video can be a great way to get some engaging video content on the platform.

Terng Shing believes that LinkedIn video is the B2B version of Instagram videos and stories, which focus on a more B2C market.

Everyone should be recruiting on LinkedIn

Going back to the beginning, LinkedIn is a networking platform, so you can actually use it as a recruiting tool by leveraging your employee’s networks as well.

“Ask your team to share your company’s job listings on LinkedIn and this will help you reach out to a wider network of people from similar backgrounds and industries most of the time,” says Terng Shing.

Showcase your company culture

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If you have a great startup, make it shine online through your LinkedIn page. If people are entertained or enjoy your company profile, then it is likely they’ll remember your business.

A fun company profile is a good recruiting and business development tool if used right. Make sure to first work on your company culture and then don’t be shy to shout about it on LinkedIn.

How to build your business online