To achieve peak productivity, entrepreneurs should keep themselves busy. However, they should look at being kept busy in a productive manner rather than for the sake of being busy.

According to American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, that isn’t important nor effective.

It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?

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For entrepreneurs, time is more important than money. With managing work, personal life and other aspects, most of us want more control over their time. Whether you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to follow a manageable schedule. Effective time management skills are often the best way to increase your productivity.

What is time management?

Basically, time management refers to being able to manage your available time effectively so that the correct amount of time is allocated to the right activity. In short, it is using your time effectively.

So here’s how you can go about making sure your time is managed effectively.

Create a strict schedule for yourself

A person making a checklist in a notebook

A lack of a proper schedule or a disorganised one can be detrimental to your productivity.  It can even lead to a loss of focus on business objectives. Make sure you account for as much of your time as possible. Don’t look at it from two-hour blocks, but even down to 15 minutes if you’re able to. The more you will know about where you have spent your time, the more you will be able to hold yourself accountable.

Hiring someone to manage your time is a worthwhile investment if you find yourself losing focus and not being able to complete things on time.

Track your bad habits

Don’t ignore the bad if you want to find out where your time goes. Do you spend too much time on social media or calls during peak periods when you should be focused on managing your team or helping on some work?

Look at things that are taking you away from key tasks and assess if they are bad habits that need to be changed. Even something as simple as doing a task that isn’t worth your time is a bad habit, so break that if you can.

Avoid distractions

Distractions can really impact growth of your business. As your company grows, you start noticing more people coming to you for things and this can distract you from managing your business and time effectively. There are simple things you can do, like forwarding calls or have a limit on the time you respond to emails. Delegation is key, so find employees you can trust and are confident to pass on some tasks.

Organised desk equals organised mind

A busy desk with a keyboard, a notebook, a cable, pencils and glasses near an iMac

Most people at Tech Collective are really bad at this, but it is actually quite important.

No one likes working at a place which is messy or unorganised. This may seem unnecessary, but once you start organising your desk and office space, you’ll notice it promotes a more organised work style as well. This will save time and effort by eliminating the need to search for things and generally helping you manage your time at your office more efficiently. Here are some interesting tips to consider.

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Time is money. So the more you know about where your time goes, the more you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable.

It’s up to you as an entrepreneur to manage your time more effectively, but hopefully, these tips will help you become more productive on a daily basis.