We’ve been inundated with productivity hacks, which are often variations of other hacks and rarely work. At Tech Collective, we’ll be the first to put up our hands as those who have probably shared a few hacks that may not have actually worked. Our collective bad.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of productivity hacks (we could only find 5 that fit the criteria) that at least two of us have used and swear by.

Here are productivity hacks for the business entrepreneur

Here are 5 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs that will transform their social and business lives:

Learn something new constantly

I love to read paperbacks, but for convenience, I use my phone or kindle to get in my regular reading schedule. In order to set yourself up for success each day, we suggest starting by feeding your mind positive material. Inspirational stories, personal development, tech news or anything that gets you pumped is what you want to read or watch first thing.

Exercise the body

Entrepreneurs tend to be the least fit people and are prone to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. It also affects your productivity. So schedule time for regular workouts like jogging, cycling to work, swimming or even simple home workouts can really work wonders and give you more energy.

Double up

I personally workout while reading through my emails and handling all internal calls and conference calls. This gives me time to get a lot of work done, while not sacrificing on my gym time. This takes some getting used to but is very useful to maximise your time.

Other less strenuous things you could do is read reports while having lunch or get through that podcast on the commute to work.

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Cancel those meetings

Not every meeting, but ask yourself if the meeting would fail if you weren’t there. At Tech Collective we have a simple rule. If the meeting or call takes more than 20 minutes, we planned for it incorrectly and we need to reassess the situation.

We have a lot of meetings here, but they are often 5 minutes or less and doesn’t interrupt the flow of the office.

Don’t avoid social media, just be smarter about it

Avoiding Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms doesn’t really save you that much. Also how else are you going to remember anyone’s birthday?

Use them, don’t avoid them, but be smart about it and make sure your usage also includes looking at your company’s social media platforms and engaging your users. We’ve seen successful entrepreneurs use social media as a channel to share with their customers and really understand the market.