We would like to think that Tech Collective is your one-stop shop to the best online resources for tech startups in Southeast Asia. I mean, we are pretty much the best bet for an upcoming startup, but we also know we cannot cover everything you need.

You can find out about tech trends, business technology insights and even resources that we love to use if you read Tech Collective.

To make sure you get your fill of technology news that is suitable for you, we suggest the following publications and resources to get you started.

Growth Hacker

This is an online resource for startups looking to scale regardless of what industry or market they are in. It is a subscription based service, but we suggest signing up for a short free trial to listen to the case studies from successful entrepreneurs and get great ideas on how to scale your startup.

Tech Collective Southeast Asia

Because duh… But also because as we mentioned before, we cover trends, interviews, tech resources and provide insight into the startup industry that bucks the trend.


As an entrepreneur, I try to look beyond the usual tech news and get deep insights from people in the industry. I find that SaaStr tends to offer interesting insight, so I’ve included it in the list.

As the name would suggest, this blog is focused on software delivery via the cloud. The discussions and insights are helpful for companies providing SaaS or cloud computing services.


Hubspot is not my list of things to follow, but their co-founder also has this blog to share his thoughts on the startup world. His slightly technical viewpoint is a stronger counter-point to a lot of ‘positive vibes’ style founder blogs out there, so it might be worth a quick read through.


This is a business and news resource that I follow quite closely. It has intelligent and witty stories that tend to be more interesting than your run-of-the-mill content online.

Their premium membership seems to be quite interesting, but we haven’t had a chance to explore that yet. If you do, do not forget to drop us a message with your thoughts and review.

CBInsights Newsletter

Yes, we include newsletters here. We often find out about trending issues and topics before anyone else by following what CBInsights is currently researching.

It is a great way to get insights as fast as possible.

Venture Hacks

Everyone knows Angel List, but what we like most about them is Venture Hacks – the blog started by the team behind Angel List. Their simple style contrasts to the complexity of many startup resources and focuses on the simple ways that you can scale your company.


Everything SEO-related can be learnt by following Moz’s blog. From podcasts to listicles, this site has everything and more you would need to get your SEO career started. Or you could just use their tips and ideas to make sure you’re improving your SEO on a daily basis.