We are often asked about our reading list, because well we usually write well-researched long-form content. This has helped differentiate ourselves a little bit from the rest, but as you know entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for more information – even more than what we provide.

So we gathered our contributors and editorial team to ask them what resources (blogs, online platforms, broadsheets and everything else) they read to produce the great content you see on Tech Collective. We’ve covered the resources that you should read last year – twice, so you can catch up on what we’ve shared before:

This list is subjective, but we mostly focused on the content and value we feel they deliver. We also did not only look at those that create the content, but even platforms that curate and aggregate great content counts. We did skew more towards platforms and resources based in this region, but we do include non-Southeast Asian resources if they provide sufficient value.

Here are our picks for the top blogs, news websites and online resources for entrepreneurs in 2020.

The startup news sources

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Well, us (Tech Collective) aside, we have started to see new entrants into the Southeast Asian startup news ecosystem.

e27 has shown some improvement in their content and introduced a slightly more robust push for contributed content. India’s The Ken just launched a Southeast Asian version of their publication helmed by former Techcrunch and Tech in Asia writers. We are looking forward to their different style of writing.

Speaking of Tech in Asia, their new podcast series Startup Snapshot and is a very strong attempt to get the region’s startup and tech scene sharing more honest and real conversations.

The big players like Nikkei Asian Review have continued their strong focus on the startup market, while funding stalwarts DealstreetAsia continue to be a definitive resource for the investment community.

KrAsia has built a loyal readership with strong Chinese-market skew, and also syndicated content from great publications (us, we mean us. They syndicate our content sometimes).

Online communities and sharing

We have noticed strong growth in the startup community on social platforms like Facebook Groups. Dedicated and passionate people use these online resources daily to learn, share and grow together as a community. Many are public, but quite a few have taken these groups private in order to curate and better moderate the sharing of information.

These groups are often segmented by market or by industry. Some of those that stand out are:

There tends to be a mixed bag sometimes, as curation is crucial to getting quality information and conversation ongoing in these groups. However, as a crowd sourcing tool for information, ideas and a test bed for new innovations, it is very valuable.

The one-offs and randoms that we know about

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Quora and Reddit are both amazing and terrible at the same time. As a resource and access point to the online communities, they are amazing, but at the same time can be confusing mess of information.

For Thai-specific startup news, you cannot go wrong with Techsauce or Daily Social for coverage on Indonesia’s strong ecosystem.

All-in-all, there are a lot of exciting and informative channels out there that provide great insight into the region’s growing startup and tech ecosystem. We are proud to be a part of this community and look forward to another great year of helping it grow.