Fabrice Nachbaum believes that there is a problem with society when it comes to balancing their work and staying fit through exercise. He believes that people are so busy with their careers, education, and families that they find it hard to work out or exercise successfully.

He created SportsnTrain.com to help solve this issue. This online platform connects fitness enthusiastic and gym fanatics in Asia with qualified and experienced personal trainers. His startup makes it easier to find experienced fitness trainers and offers a marketplace with online coaches in more than 40 sports categories.

Based in Singapore, Fabrice is focused on building his startup and living a healthy life.

If not working on SportnTrain, you can find Fabrice indulging in his hobbies, which include outdoor sports, hiking, tennis, canyoneering, and backpacking.

Find out more about Fabrice and SportnTrain below.

The SportnTrain platform

Sell us your company/service in 300 words? 

SportsnTrain.com is an online marketplace that connects fitness enthusiasts with experienced personal trainers in various regions.

Both children and adults can sign up for group classes, one-on-one classes, and online coaching in more than 40 sports including Swimming, Yoga, Pilates, Soccer, Tennis, Rigby, Badminton, Boxing, and Kickboxing. SportsnTrain.com currently operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

SportsnTrain.com differs from other online personal training platforms because it allows consumers to make an on-demand request that fit their budget. This way, clients can discuss with potential personal trainers their budget before settling on a price that both individuals are comfortable with. Also, clients can chat with various personal trainers on the platform before choosing a coach that fits their needs.

SportsnTrain.com is not only the leading personal training platform in Singapore but also is one of the most affordable marketplaces. Consumers can now get coaches for as low as $SG 30 per hour, depending on the coach and the workout plan. SportsnTrain.com has a unique approach to training clients, making personal fitness more effective. Personal trainers work with clients to create a workout plan detailing their fitness goals and ambitions. Whether it’s losing weight, bulking up, toning or weight training, SportsnTrain.com’s trainers develop exercises that help you achieve your goals.

The main goal of SportsnTrain.com is to help consumers attain their personal goals and have a seamless and smooth experience with training from anywhere. For instance, clients can workout at the comfort of their homes through online coaching classes and face-to-face lessons. Alternatively, clients can attend classes and academies in gyms and fitness centers across Singapore organized by their personal trainers.

SportsnTrain.com focuses on providing high-quality personal training services that drive motivation, improve accountability, and garner results. SportsnTrain.com’s platform has an easy to use interface, which allows consumers to browse and select coaches in a variety of sports with ease.

What is stopping you from having the largest company in the world? 

Being a digital platform, there is nothing that is stopping us from scaling our business to be global. We have access to thousands of customers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In addition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle is a huge trend in the world as more and more people get sick because of poor eating habits and obesity.

Therefore, we have all the opportunities to scale our business internationally. But, our primary focus now is providing quality instead of quantity. We want to increase our customer retention by providing quality personal training services tailor-made for each individual. Our personal trainers perform an initial assessment with a client to identify their needs and goals before developing a plan that helps them achieve their goals.

Ultimately, we want all our customers to be satisfied and happy with their personal trainers. We are always pleased to hear success stories of people that used our platform to achieve their fitness goals. My plans are to expand SportsnTrain.com to all of South East Asia, in Asia-Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.  For example, in couple of months, users from Singapore will be able to book a 1-week package in Skiing in New Zealand, and users from Australia can book a 1-week package in Hong Kong for Kung fu. 

If you could change one thing about the tech industry in Southeast Asia, what would it be?

I can’t deny that the tech industry in Southeast Asia has grown over the last decade, and the region is becoming more integrated. However, when it comes to talent, there is a major gap, and I would like to see this change. We need to be better at cultivating more abstract skills in design, market-execution skills, and building. I believe all tech-startups should facilitate learning and mentorship in their companies to enable their employees to gain experience and skills.

The more experience we gain outside the classroom, the more chances we have at scaling our tech startups globally. I would also change gender diversity in the tech industry. Women are becoming a significant part of business, and startups and countries are now embracing female leadership. I would like to see this happen to the tech industry in Southeast Asia as well. More women should be given leadership roles in tech startups, and schools should encourage girls to take up courses in technology. We can only grow as a continent if we grow together.

Name one person in the region, who is making a difference in Technology?

Many successful entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia have made a huge impact, and I have had the privilege of meeting some. I believe the people who make a difference are the ones that mentor and inspire other startups to work hard for a successful business.  Here are a few:

Ganesh Muren is the founder of Soara industries, which focuses on providing people with safe drinking water. Muren uses technology to clean water and drive social change through green initiatives that focus on sustainability. Ganesh Muren is focused on creating a sustainable and healthy environment for everyone in Southeast Asia.

Aisa Mijeno is the founder of SALt that focuses on providing people in the Philippines with an alternative source of electricity and lighting. Her SALt lamps are a practical solution that can power up for up to 8 hrs providing light in the most remote regions in the Philippines. 

Lastly, I like the work of Aung Chit Khin, who is the founder of Strategy First. Aung Chit Khin is an educator, marketer, and entrepreneur with programs that allow students to learn about startups, entrepreneurship, and marketing. The goal of his startup is to instill skills in prospective students to succeed in the tech world, which is something I admire.

What would you want people to remember you for, 100 years from now?

Being a sports enthusiast and former tennis coach, I would like people to remember me for the work I’ve done to improve the mental, physical, and well-being of individuals through personal training. I believe a healthy lifestyle is key to living a happy and stress-free life through exercising and healthy eating. I want people to embrace this to minimize their risk of falling sick and aging prematurely.

I am 37 years old, but people mistake me for being 30, and I want to be remembered for being the guy that found the solution to premature aging. It’s all in your diet, lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise.