COVID has shown us that we need to use all resources available to ensure sales for our businesses. Most people were already on the internet. The ones that didn’t care before had to take hard damages during the lockdown. Today, almost every business is on the internet, reaching out to their potential customers. If you are a new business and thinking about taking your business online, then this article is for you. Here I have discussed everything you should know to carry out this task without taking anyone’s help. 

Create social media pages

There are nearly one hundred social media channels, but you only need to consider the top ten and only the ones that are relevant to you. It means that unless you are offering something for professionals, you don’t need to be on LinkedIn. 

How to use social media to scale your startup and SME

Everyone uses each social media with a different mentality. You need to understand that mentality and reach your audience on those channels accordingly. It doesn’t take a genius to create social media pages. Any twelve-year-old kid can do it. You should use a proper brand name as the name of your business pages and use your logos in the display and cover image. 

The next goal after creating those pages is to build their following. Everything you upload on your personal social media reaches the feedback of all people in your circle. Same is the case with the page, but this time your posts reach your followers. You will have to update regular and relevant posts to attract your prospects. It would take a lot of time to build an organic following, so you will have to spend on some paid advertisements. 

Create a website

This is more important than social media pages and also more difficult. You should think of your website as an online branch of your business. People will visit it to learn about your product or services and contact you there. You are either selling a service or products. 

If you are selling a service, you want visitors to become a lead by providing their contact information. If you are selling some products, then your goal should be to go through the entire transaction online, including the payment. 

Building a website is a little more complicated, but it’s not very difficult if you do it through WordPress. It’s much simpler to create a service website but difficult to develop a product based website. The latter has to be able to index each product. It also must have a strong search system and secure payment method. If you don’t have any prior experience with website development, it’s better to hire a developer for this job. 

Write services pages

If you are offering services, you need to write content for them. However, you will need to conduct some keyword research before you do that. Your target audience must search for the services you offer on Google. You need to write down what they might search for and write content that includes those queries. 

Each service page would be based on the queries related to it. For example, if you should use ‘car rental service in London’ several times in the article if you offer that service. Likewise, you could write different service pages for different cities or queries. 

You might have to write product descriptions if you are selling some products. There will be one page for each product, and you will have to do the keyword research for this too. You can use tools like UberSuggest and SEMrush for this job. 

Update regular blogs

Once you have created a website, you should write blogs that address the issues of your target audience and publish them at least once a week. Each blog works as a landing page that is visited by your potential customers. The more pages you have, the more visitors you will get. The number of visitors that convert to leads or customers depends on how great your content is. 

Again, you can do this yourself or you can hire a content writer to do this for you. These blogs are also written around some keywords that people search on the internet. It means that keyword research is an important job when it comes to taking your business online. 

Optimize the website for search engines

Services like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are search engines that provide relevant results to their users when they search for something. Over four billion people search billions of queries every day on these services. As not even Google has answers to all questions, it shows different websites to the user that might have a solution or answer to their query. 

You are a business and you solve a problem; this is how you earn money. There are a lot of other businesses doing the same thing. If you want the users of those search engines, who have searched a query relevant to your service, to visit your website, then you must rank in the top results. In order to rank in the top results, you must optimize your website for the search engines. This is something you can learn and do yourself; however, it’s best to take the help of professionals here as you can’t do everything yourself. It’s suggested to acquire the services of an SEO agency Singapore and have them rank your website. Professionals will help you reach your goals faster, and they won’t make any mistakes that you would make as a rookie.